Classification : Raschel Knitting Machines
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Henry Yu
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4 roller fabric take-up with change gear box or servo motor drive. Separate batching device with its own drive for taking up a fabric roll of up to 40” = 1016 mm dia.

Drive of the knitting elements by combined crank and special cam, which are dynamically balanced and run in oil in the machine bed. Inching drive for easier run-in and for control of knitting element.

Model WMF
Applicable Yarn HDPE monofilaments, polyester, nylon.
Working Width 75" - 260"
Gauges 6 - 18 needle per inch 
Warp Supply System from: warping beams
Performance 350-400 RPM
Number of Bars 8 Bars 
Main Motor 4 - 7.5kw
Machine Weight 6,000 - 9,500kgs

Equipped with 1 latch needle bar. 6 ground guide bars (set 1 in - 1 out), 2 pattern guide bars (for selvedge), 1 knockover comb bar, 1 sitch com bar