Classification : Raschel Knitting Machines
Country: Taiwan
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Bale Wrap Net Raschel Machine

  • The machine working width 210 inches(5334mm) 
  • Machine gauges: E6/6(1 needle per 25.4mm)
  • Knitting elements: single needle bar, knock-over comb bar and 3 ground bars.
  • Pattern drive: Electronic guide bar motion control system.
  • Fabric take-up: 4 roller system driven by geared motor controlled by motion control.
  • Yarn feeding from slitting extension device driven by servo control system machine.
  • Main application: producing bale and pallet warp nets for packaging and transporting.



Applicable Yarn

HDPE Flat Yarn

Working Width


Machine Gauges

1 needle per inch

Warp Supply System

From: Slitting Extrusion Machine


500 - 600 RPM

Number of Bars

2 - 3 Bars

Main Motor

7.5 kw

Machine Weight

8000 kgs