Automatic Electronic High Speed Garbage Bag Making Machine-KFN4-SERVO-Series

Classification : Bag Making Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-221-7967
Fax: 886-5-221-7996
Contact Person: Eric Kuo
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● With this sealing & cutting machine, each sheet folds automatically. It save time and labor. 
● Number of sheets to be processed can set with auto-digital counter. 
● Depending on with, bags can be folding four to speed up packing. 
● Easy to adjust using pneumatic controls with electromagent.
Model KN4-321S KN4-421S KN4-501S
Speed(Cycles / Min) 100 pcs/min 100 pcs/min 80 pcs/min
Width(mm) Max. 700 Max. 800 Max. 1000
Length(mm) Max. 1200 Max. 1200 Max. 1500
Air Compressor(Not Included) 6HP 6HP 6HP