Electronic Motion Control High-Speed Bag Making Machine

Classification : HDPE/ LDPE Plastic Bag Production Line
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-2215139 /886-5-2215149
Fax: 886-5-2219259
Contact Person: Ms. Lee
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It is the basic machine to make bottom sealed flat bag and T-shirt bag from HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE film in roll.
  • Available to special design with loading max. 6 rolls of plastic film.
  • Option double line production is available.
  • Servo system control gives accurate bag length.
  • Setting of bag length, machine speed, bag counting can be easily checked and changed on screen panel.
  • Sensor controls input of film rolls ensure perfect sealing line without tension.
  • Printing sensor assures the precision of the printed bag roll.


FD-KP 321
FD-KP 421
FD-KP 501
Max. Cutting Width 760 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm
Max. Cutting Length 1000 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm
Material Thickness 0.01~0.035 (Single Layer) 0.01~0.035 (Single Layer) 0.01~0.035 mm (Single Layer)
Max. Machine Speed 100~120 cycle/min 100~120 cycle/min 20~80 cycle/min
  • Printing Sensor
  • Feeding Sensor
  • Bag Blocked Stop Sensor
  • Bottom Sealing Knife
  • Static Elimination Device

  • Servo Motor
  • Servo Driver
  • Conveyor Table
  • Tensionless Sealing Device for Thick Film
  • T-Shirt Bag Cutting Mold