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Cassava Bag Production :

Cassava bag is 100% biodegradable & compostable, also water-dissolved. JANDI’S is working with Avani to offer a Turn-Key Project for production of Cassava bags, including the material supply, marketing strategy, machinery, training and operation skills.


New Improvement :

JANDI’S Industrial Co., Ltd./Taiwan, since 1991, is very pleased to announce that JIT Shopping Bag Making Line, which could be used for HDPE/LDPE/Biodegradable & Compostable material, is now working with Automatic Carton Packaging System, with higher production efficiency, and saving space, material, workers & power consumption.

In this Fully Automatic production system, 4 to 6 sets of JIT could be connected to an Automatic Carton Packaging System, which is completed with a Carton Erector, Roller & Belt Conveys, Inkjet Printers, Flat Folder/Carton Sealer, to produce shopping bags and seal in the carton automatically. Furthermore, a Code Reader and a Robot could be added to stack cartons into different pallets.

Material Dozing & Blending System also could be added to supply the compounded material automatically to each set of JIT.

In addition, each set of JIT is equipped with a die-cut recovery system, which could reuse 100% die-cut, no waste material during production, saving 10-15% material and reducing CO2 emission.

For more information, contact JANDI’S by e-mail at [email protected], WhatsApp : +886-5-2200506 and see us at the following exhibitions :

.Chinaplas 2024, Shanghai, Apr 23-26, Booth No. : 1.1F57

.NPE 2024, Orlando, Florida May 06-10, Booth No. : S12157C

.SAUDI 2024, Riyadh, May 06-09, Booth No. : 3-442

.PlastPol 2024, Kielce, May 21-24 

.TaipeiPLAS 2024, Taipei, Sep 24-28


Modification, improvement, innovation, education and some action are required in the plastic industry. There are a lot of companies are working on bio-degradable and compostable material and producing their final products. And, many others are working on the collecting, recycling and Circular Economy. JANDI’S, as part of the plastic industry, also as the citizen of the world, we do care about the environment and sustainability.