Screws and Barrels for Injection Molding

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The feed tube screw is the core component of the injection molding machine. In response to the use of different raw materials, Top Screw Precision provides material tubes for all levels of steel.

.Barrel Processing Dimension

Nitrided Barrel 內徑Ø14~Ø200mm,長度: 6000mm
Bi-Metallic Barrel 內徑Ø14~Ø150mm,長度: 3000mm

.Barrel Processing Material

Grade Materials Application
Nitrided Barrel SACM645
Resin with Glass-fiber<5%
Bi-Metallic Barrel HRC 50-55 Resin with Glass-fiber 10-20%
Bi-Metallic Barrel HRC 55-60 Resin with Glass-fiber 20-30%
Bi-Metallic Barrel HRC 60-65 Resin with Glass-fiber 30-50%

.Screw Processing Dimension

內徑Ø14~Ø200mm,長度: 6000mm

.Screw Processing Material

SCM440(1.7225 / 4140) SACM645(1.8509 / 7140) SKD-61(1.2344 / H13)
SKD-11(1.2379 / D2) ACM21.8550(38CrAlNi7) 粉末合金鋼、粉末高速鋼

.Screw Processing Methods

Electroplating Vacuum Hardening Nitrided
TiAlN PVD Coating PTA Welding Screw / HVOF Spray Coating Screw
*Due to the different raw materials used by customers, the design of our screw has faster screw feed back time and better temperature control.

Centrifugal Casting Furnace

HVOF Spray Coating Screw

PTA Welding Screw