Screws and Barrels for Extrusion Molding

Classification : Extrusion Molding Series
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The extruder screw used in the extruder is designed to meet the needs of different raw materials, as well as to enhance the melting effect and improve the stability of the customer's production. We provides customized design, such as the Dulmage Mixer type screw head, barrier type screw and so on.

.Barrel Processing Dimension

Nitrided Barrel 內徑Ø15~Ø200mm,長度: 6000mm


Nitrided Screw 外徑Ø15~Ø200mm,長度: 6000mm
The advantage of our design, as follows
-Increases melting efficiency due to elimination of premature solids bed break-up.
-Increases melting rates and throughput.
-Improves melt temperature control due to lower, post melt shear stresses.

Extrusion Machine Barrel

Extrusion Machine Barrel

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