Utraflex / Utraflex-H-The UV-LED press

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Utraflex / Utraflex-H (The UV-LED press)

The Ultraflex press is a UV-LED central impression press to provide high quality print with high opacity. At the same time Ultraflex press is an ecofriendly solution as UV-LED application does not emit VOCs. The Ultraflex-H is a hybrid press that integrates 3 technologies, the UV-LED ink application, solvent/water-based ink application and the central impression (CI). The Ultraflex-H enables you to take advantage of the UV-LED application but at the same time draw back to the solvent based or water-based print stations when needed  If you are looking for a flexible, cost effective and production efficient press, the Ultraflex series is the press for you to customize.

-        UV-LED inking and curing system

-        (Solvent/water-based) inking and drying system (Ultraflex-H only)

-        Interchangeable drying / curing units (Ultraflex-H only)

-        Non-stop turret type unwind and rewind

-        Print and anilox sleeve

-        Auto registration system

-        Infeed web guide

The Ultraflex / Ultraflex-H is a UV-LED central impression press. The Ultraflex press is a full UV-LED press. This press is for printers looking for a full UV-LED application with high print quality and low waste. The Ultraflex-H press is a hybrid for printers looking for maximum flexibility. Through Ultrafex-H printers can take on the widest range of product line while not sacrificing the benefit of print quality and eco friendliness. The Ultraflex series is designed for…

Operation Comfort
-         Touch screen interface

-        User friendly layout screen control

-        Fully digitalized controls for precise print settings

-        Easy access to printing stations

Print Quality

-        Heavy duty designed machine frames

-        Servo motor control guarantee excellent print registration holding

-        Web viewing system

-        Automated registration control

-        Micrometric kiss impression control to one micron

Quick job Change

-        Anilox and plate sleeve design

-        Auto pre-register control

-        Auto quick wash features for inking system

-        Job memory for repeat tasks

Remote Service Assistance
-      24/7 machine online diagnostic system

-        Exclusive PLC Network Connection Technology to achieve deep online diagnose and prompt remote-maintenance.

Industrial I4.0

-        OPC UA Data Exchange Protocol for communication between devices, machines and enterprise systems (ERP, SCADA, CRM…etc)

-        Remote HMI monitoring via mobile devices


-        Compliant with Conformité Européene or Australian Standard

-        Certification service available with CSA, NEC and IEC

UV-LED application has its advantage when it comes to temperature sensitive substrates such as PET-shrink films. The characteristic of a UV-LED print is high opacity with protruding effect and has good resistance properties.


Food packaging, Medical packaging, Pre-print for paper box, Bags, Paper cup, Liquid & beverage, Household cleaning, Cosmetics, Gift wraps, Wallpaper


Food packaging, Medical packaging, Industrial packaging, Sanitary Packaging, Bags, Liquid & beverage, Household cleaning, Cosmetics, Confectionary wrappers


Food packaging, Medical packaging, Industrial packaging


Ultraflex / Ultraflex-H (Full UV-LED / Hybrid)

Number of Colors

6 / 8

Max Machine Speed

(m/min ; ft/min)

350 ; 1148

Material Width

(mm ; inch)

870 / 1370

34.3 / 53.9

Printing Sleeve Width (mm ; inch)

800 / 1300

31.5 / 51.2

Roll Diameter (mm ; inch)

800 / 1000 (Option)

31.5 / 39.4 (Option)

Repeat Length (mm ; inch)