Classification : PRINTING MACHINES
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Patric Lee
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● Equipped with internet accessible control system for remote diagnoses of programming and electronic components.
● The central impression drum surface precise grind and coated, without risk of pores and with the dual wall design for water cooling purpose to ensure material to be smoothly transport and precisely printed.
● 80mm thick cast metal plate frame provide a very steady, vibration free foundation for the printing work. 
● Servo motors equipped for main drive / in-out feed / unwind and rewind, provide a smooth motion control for constant tension for film.
● Super fine printing impression adjustment device to achieve fine half tone work requirement. 
● Long arch drying tunnel plus turbo blowers and suction motor to ensure drying of ink during high speed operation. 
● The following can be add on :
    a. Servo driven impression automation with memory pack.
    b. Quick change over sleeve system.   
    c. Auto splicing for rewind and unwind.
    d. Turn bar for reverse printing.
PKF-6CI Specification:

PKF600-6CI 600MM 650MM 300~800MM 50~200M/MIN
PKF800-6CI 800MM 850MM 300~800MM 50~200M/MIN
PKF1000-6CI 1000MM 1050MM 300~800MM 50~200M/MIN
PKF1200-6CI 1200MM 1250MM 300~800MM 50~200M/MIN
PKF1400-6CI 1400MM 1450MM 300~800MM 50~200M/MIN
PKF1600-6CI 1600MM 1650MM 300~800MM 50~200M/MIN
* Printing speed varied depending on different printing condition.