Classification : PRINTING MACHINES
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-23358986
Fax: 886-4-23354979
Contact Person: Patric Lee
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  • Machine framed with 50MM cast metal plate, provide a very steady, vibration free foundation for the printing work.
  • All gears are helical design.
  • AC main motor from Siemens and controlled by Japan made inverter to provide a steady speed performance.
  • Inking rubber rollers are driven by European made hydraulic motor independently, speed can be adjusted for controlling ink transfer volume.
  • Simple but accuracy and steady vertical and horizontal image adjustment device.
  • Long arch type drying tunnel with high capacity blower, to allow ink quick drying during high speed operation.
  • Bearing house design for holding rubber roller, plate cylinder and anilox roller.
  • Machine can be equipped with Japan auto tension controlling system, close chamber doctor blade, EPC at unwind, rewind as optional choice.

* Printing speed varied depending on different printing condition.

MODEL PKF600-8 PKF800-8 PKF1000-8 PKF1200-8 PKF1400-8 PKF1600-8
Printing width 600MM 800MM 1000MM 1200MM 1400MM 1600MM
Film width 650MM 850MM 1050MM 1250MM 1450MM 1650MM
Repeat length


300~800MM 300~800MM 300~800MM 300~800MM 300~800MM
Printing speed 100M/MIN 100M/MIN 100M/MIN 100M/MIN 100M/MIN 100M/MIN
Printing combination 0+8 /1+7 /2+6 /3+5 / 4+4 0+8 /1+7 /2+6 /3+5 / 4+4 0+8 /1+7 /2+6 /3+5 / 4+4 0+8 /1+7 /2+6 /3+5 / 4+4 0+8 /1+7 /2+6 /3+5 / 4+4 0+8 /1+7 /2+6 /3+5 / 4+4

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