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  • 2 types of thermocouple (J type or k type).
  • Temperature switches between ℃&oF.
  • Auto or manual mode.
  • 6 kinds of alarm.
  • Fuse break indicating.
  • Inside buzzer.
  • Give out signal of being circuit break when thermocouple breaks.
  • Protection (Screen will not indicate until the right voltage is connected).
  • Short-circuit alarm (When short-circuit occurs,it will sound an alarm automatically).
  • RS-485 function (option).
  • Current display.
  • TRIAC Short-circuit protection (if TRIAC get short-circuit, safety protection device will cut off the output. ) 
  • Heater short-circuit protection ( usually,heater won,t get short circuited in control process short-circuit usually  happens during the circuit or heater assenmbling. This function helps to detect the circuit before operation, To see if short-circuit occurs.  If it does, the temperature control card can not be started.) 
  • Stand-by function. When the machine is not working, press the “UP” button and hold for 3 seconds to start this function which will make temperature decline(e.g. set 50℃) as well as save electricity, and raise the temperature to former value after the setting time(0~99min). When the 1st controller from the left side get started the stand-by function, the 2nd/ 3rd/4th….will get started via infrared ray from the 1st controller.