Reel to Reel Flexographic Printing Line FSRP-6C (No Cylinder Changing)

Classification : Reel to Reel Printing Line(New Design)
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-5916970
Fax: 886-5-5916968
Contact Person: Frank Liu
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  • Equipped Servo Motors for Precise Printing Graphic and Printing Length Control
  • On-line Servo Control Printing Position Registration System (with Touch Screen Operation)
  • (Each printing station equipped with servo motor to adjust printing position during machine running)
  • Equipped with On-line Camera Inspection (Italy made) Two Units, Monitoring Printing Quality during Machine Running.
  • Equipped with Doctor Blade System and Ceramic Anilox Roller as Standard Equipment
  • Doctor Blade System (with Ceramic Anilox Roller & Air Ink Pump)
  • On-line Inspection (Italian made) System
  • Touch Screen Monitor for Easy Operation
  • Auto Roll Changing System (Unwinding And Rewinding).