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  • With the proper mixing of melted resin & blowing agent, provides most homogeneous mixing.
  • Accurate blowing agent injecting quantity and temperature control to stabilize the foaming process.
  • High-level safety control, the system will be shut down automatically when extruder motor failure or high pressure.

Fully alarm system to tell the operator the real-time machine conditions :
  • PLC & WEB Based Computerizing control system recording all the operating condition & parameters, operator will be able to trace log file for quality control.
  • AC driving system work with the most updated version of Inverter to give lowest energy consumption.
  • Remote monitoring function will let production state under administrator’s 100% control.
  • Optima die flow channel design; generate most homogeneous & proper cell size structure.
  • With remote troubleshooting function through the internet, Pitac provides most in-time after service to the customer.
Model No. PT-90TUBE PT-90120TUBE PT-130180TUBE
Using Material LDPE LDPE LDPE
Using Blowing Agent HCFC/HFC/Butane HCFC/HFC/Butane HCFC/HFC/Butane
Max. Output (kg/hr) 35 100 200
Min. Foam Tube Density (kg/M3) 30 30 30
Max. Tube Diameter (mm) 50 100 150
Production Power Consumption 70 100 200
Water Consumption Closed-loop circulation Closed-loop circulation Closed-loop circulation
Machine Occupation Area 4M(H) x 3M(W) x 15M(L) 4M(H) x 4M(W) x 20M(L) 4M(H) x 5M(W) x 26M(L)
Machine Type Single extruder Tandem extruder Tandem extruder
Control System Traditional type or PLC & PC-Based Traditional type or PLC & PC-Based Traditional type or PLC & PC-Based
Operating Interface Traditional type or Web Based Traditional type or Web Based Traditional type or Web Based
Remote Troubleshooting Optional Optional Optional
Operating Log Optional Optional Optional
Auto Material Blending System Optional Optional Optional
Blowing Agent Synchronize System Optional Optional Optional
Auto-Screen Changer Optional Optional Optional
  • 1. Actual production power consumption will depending on operating parameters.
  • 2. Actual machine occupation area will depending on the accessories options.