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Under the drive of lightweight and environmental awareness, using new technologies to reduce the product weight and the impact on environment has received increasing attention. “Foaming injection molding” application is one of the important developments. The technology of physical foaming is becoming mature enough to replace chemical foaming, which can achieve the ideal results by adjusting the process parameters, and at the same time, it can also solve the problem of sink mark caused by uneven foam cell size.

FCS has introduced this technique 5 years before, and successfully tested and sold it on LM (two-platen), HT (toggle hydraulic)FA (advanced servo)CT-e (all-electric), and FB(multi-component) injection molding machines, and has been helping the customers developing new producing with MuCell technique.

Photo : MuCell system

  • Lightweighting.
  • Dimensional Stability.
  • Avoid Shrinkage.
  • Heat and Sound Isolation.
  • Reducing Injection pressure、Clamping force、Holding time.