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BoReTech supplies two types of PET flakes drying machine. PET flakes moisture rate will be reduced to 2~3% after dewatering force, if the heat exchanger is supplemented afterward, the moisture rate can be further reduced to 0.7%. It is sufficient to meet the demands of the downstream applications. Specially designed shaft and anti-block screens are beneficial to reach the highest output capacity and minimal moisture content. The plastic dryer is an advantage of the lowest breakdown rate and simpler maintenance. The next generation of PET flakes dryers with a step-type shaft design, which is useful to separate water and has a cleaning function to PET flakes.
The moisture content of rPET flakes is an important criterion of PET recycling, mechanical dewatering efficiency directly affects rPET flakes as well as energy consumption during the recycling process. PET flakes drying machine separates water through centrifugal dewatering force. PET flakes are fed into the dryer through the inlet hopper, moving and forward by rotor paddles in the dryer. The last section of the shaft is a blower-like design that can transport PET to the next process. The water is thrown out through the screen, collecting in discharging hopper at the bottom of the dewatering machine and outflow.
1500-6000 kg/h