Classification : BLOWN FILM MACHINE
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The ABC three-layer co-extrusion machine is your ideal choice for producing high-end plastic products, such as shrink films, agricultural mulches, electrical insulation films, packaging films, medical packaging films, stretch hood films. The raw material formula for each layer can be customized respectively according to your requirements. 

The oscillating haul-off unit provides excellent film gauge randomization, ensuring the production of high-quality and wrinkle-free films. The oscillating haul-off unit is also rather durable, and its equipment lifespan is much longer than the rotary die.

  • Suitable for producing three-layer films for specific functions
  • Recycled materials or CaCO3 is applicable to the middle layer in order to save material costs
  • Die and air-ring specially designed for producing high-quality three-layer films
  • 360° Oscillating Haul-off unit improves film thickness uniformity
  • EPC (Edge Position Controller)
  • Full customization according to your specific requirements

MODEL RCT45/45/45ABC RCT55/65/55ABC RCT55/75/55ABC RCT55/90/55ABC RCT65/100/65ABC
Applicable Material HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / mLLDPE / PP / EVA
Screw Dia. (mm) A: Φ45 A: Φ55 A: Φ55 A: Φ55 A: Φ65
B: Φ45 B: Φ65 B: Φ75 B: Φ90 B: Φ100
C: Φ45 C: Φ55 C: Φ55 C: Φ55 C: Φ65
Max. Film Width (mm) 1200 1600 1600 2000 3000
Max. Output 150 kg/hr 280 kg/hr 350 kg/hr 450 kg/hr 500 kg/hr
Screw L/D Ratio A: 30:1 A: 30:1 A: 30:1 A: 30:1 A: 30:1
B: 30:1 B: 30:1 B: 30:1 B: 30:1 B: 30:1
C: 30:1 C: 30:1 C: 30:1 C: 30:1 C: 30:1
Main Motor A: 25 HP A: 40 HP A: 40 HP A: 40 HP A: 60 HP
(w/ Inverter) B: 25 HP B: 60 HP B: 100 HP B: 150 HP B: 150 HP
C: 25 HP C: 40 HP C: 40 HP C: 40 HP C: 60 HP

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.