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The crucial consideration for manufacturers is whether to cut costs or enhance value. There is a well-established plastic film producer located in Hanoi, Vietnam, which a few years ago purchased blown film machines from the renowned quality-driven company, Chyi Yang. However, due to price considerations, the factory later shifted to purchasing low-cost multilayer blown film machines manufactured in China, temporarily expanding its production capacity. Despite momentarily stepping back from the price competition, Chyi Yang remains steadfast in its commitment to quality-driven development, continuously innovating and advancing with the introduction of various styles of 5-layer / 7-layer co-extrusion blown film machines.



Unexpectedly, this top-tier client has reconnected with Chyi Yang Company following the upheaval of the preceding two pandemic-filled years. They have expressed a clear interest in purchasing Chyi Yang's high-quality 5-layer / 7-layer co-extrusion blown film machines. However, just before the formal contract was to be signed, the client had a sudden change of heart: "We want to cancel the order."

What could be the reason behind this sudden shift?


Navigating Production Costs and Quality:The Manufacturer's Dilemma

As a prominent player in the Vietnamese market, cost control has always been a top priority for this industrial giant. Initially, the local manufacturer did experience some short-term benefits when they adopted lower-cost Chinese blown film machines for production.

"At first, we were pleased with the initial cost benefits of using the lower-priced blown film machines for production, but in less than six months, we began to regret it," shared the Production Manager of the Vietnamese company with Chyi Yang. "We found that the constant downtime for adjustments and the frequent replacement of specialized screws in the Made-in-China multilayer blown film machines, along with the costs of parts, consumables, and waste materials, ultimately resulted in significant losses for the company!" They urgently needed to address the two major concerns: "improving production stability" and "reducing screw replacement frequency."

Afterall, the production line couldn't afford to halt; they were busy trying to save costs and prevent losses by minimizing the need for parts replacement even before production had fully ramped up. When weighing the options, they remembered their previous positive experience of stable production using Chyi Yang's blown film machines. Consequently, they decided to re-purchase high-quality oriented 5-layer / 7-layer co-extrusion blown film machines.



Put Yourself in the Customer's shoes
The Secret of Short Lead Times During the Pandemic

When it comes to maintaining high-quality production with versatile multilayer blown film machines, this is an area where Chyi Yang excels. However, just as preparations were underway and contracts were being signed, the Vietnamese industrial giant unexpectedly expressed the desire to cancel the order.

"Are they negotiating the price?" Chyi Yang was perplexed. After all, unexpected twists often occur during the harsh pandemic period, and even direct communication becomes challenging. Chyi Yang established a close line of communication with the client through video conferences, aiming to provide insightful and practical suggestions and solutions. Through the conversation, it became evident that another supplier had offered a lower-priced option with an unreasonably short lead time for multilayer blown film machines. Despite being aware that this might be a case of cutthroat competition among industry peers (where the supplier signs the contract and then delays the delivery under various excuses, a common practice in the industry), the Vietnamese company was still hesitating between the competing lead time and price advantages from the other supplier and Chyi Yang's commitment to technology and quality.

"To say that there was no shock and distress at that moment would be deceiving," sighed Manager Kuo of Chyi Yang. However, she swiftly shifted her perspective, undeterred, and immediately stepped into the customer's shoes for a comprehensive assessment. During the pandemic, the customer not only faced the urgency of rush orders but also the challenges of adjusting and supplying multilayer blown film raw materials, meeting delivery deadlines, and fulfilling the labor demands for setting up production lines. The severe impacts of the pandemic left them uncertain about the market, causing considerable unease.

Upon understanding the situation, Chyi Yang proactively proposed a rational analysis of alternative solutions regarding lead times and material ordering during the pandemic. By providing reasonable lead time information and various details about critical components and assembly processes, Chyi Yang deeply moved the Vietnamese customer. This approach facilitated a careful analysis of the international situation, leading to the selection of the optimal solution. It even enhanced the mutual trust between the parties.

Despite possessing other equipment, "Currently, we only want to wholeheartedly use Chyi Yang's multilayer blown film machines for production," the Vietnamese plant manager quipped with a smile.

Throughout the delivery and installation process, Chyi Yang maintained high efficiency and ensured the smooth progress of customer production. Even before Chyi Yang's engineers left the site after completing machine testing, the multilayer blown film production line had already begun operation. It has been operating non-stop for 24 hours a day since then (Editor's note: as of the time of writing, this has continued for three months). Through stable production technology, long-term efficient operation has been assured. Chyi Yang's confidence and experience in the stability and efficiency of their products have triumphed over the haze of price competition, earning recognition from international giants and securing long-term orders.



Keys to winning customer:Innovation and Adaptation in Environmental trends

This client is a major local producer of thin film products in Vietnam, specializing in shrinkable films and self-adhesive films/productive films. These types of multilayer blown film products demand high production quality and place a premium on the stability of multilayer blown film machines. They need to achieve high adhesion, easy tear-off, zero residue, and provide surface protection during transportation to prevent scratches. Moreover, to align with the circular economy green trend, the client is committed to using environmentally-friendly materials and increasing the proportion of recycled materials.

Faced with evolving demands, manufacturers must adapt and innovate. Chyi Yang's new 5-layer co-extrusion blown film machines have successfully incorporated 50% recycled material and 20% calcium carbonate addition for each layer, achieving a balance between high product quality and environmental sustainability.

During after-sales service, there have been instances where customers shared with Chyi Yang that they had previously purchased several low-cost Chinese machines, resulting in disadvantages both in terms of after-sales service and product thickness control. Today, when confronting issues in software, hardware, or various component combinations with different equipment, customers hold a high level of trust and satisfaction in Chyi Yang's comprehensive one-stop service offerings.


Chyi Yang's Customer-Centric Approach:End-to-End Quality Assurance

This real-life case from the Vietnamese industrial giant once again demonstrates that Chyi Yang, with its exceptional multilayer blown film machines performance and quality, innovative and customization capabilities, and comprehensive services, has successfully garnered the trust and favor of its customers. Chyi Yang's professional prowess undeniably delivers excellent product experiences and substantial business value to its customers. The truth speaks louder than words and surpasses numerous low-priced quotations. In the future, just like this leading Vietnamese manufacturer, more enterprises in the film product sector, big and small alike, will choose to join forces with Chyi Yang’s 5-layer / 7-layer co-extrusion blown film machines. They will embark on a journey of professional and stable production, innovation, and together create more opportunities for success.



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