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2021-11-25 Author : Lian You Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd
When companies are going to do big investments, such as buying machinery of different kinds, one of the main concerns is the quality of the supplier’s manufacturing capacity, quality, technology but also after service in case of any question or problem they might have after buying a machine. Lian You Machinery has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Recently the Lian You R&D team has put a lot of efforts into designing more creative and functional products capable of producing bags for different applications such as agricultural bags, bank security bags, among others. When a customer has special application bags such as the mentioned before, LYM undergoes rounds and rounds of discussion on machine customization with customer and specialized Research and development team.

LYM Team is always willing to cooperate with customers, also constantly provides professional analysis and evaluate reliability and creation of new products in order to open new markets around the world. It doesn’t matter which region or continent, LYM is always at the vanguard when it comes to solving customer and market demands.


Lian You Machinery has huge expertise when it comes to machinery customization, within their range of products they have as follow:
 1. Courier Bag Making Machine  6. Diaper Bag Making Machine
 2. Wicketer  7. Bottom Sealing Machine
 3. Zipper Bag Making Machine  8. Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine
 4. Side Sealing Machine  9. Industrial Bag Making Machine
 5. Bio-Degradable Bag Making Machine  10. Loop Handle Bag Making Machine
Customer Satisfaction the Priority of LYM
When we mentioned that LYM always is researching different markets in order to understand market and customer needs, they have one perfect example of how to cooperate with customers to reach their expectations, is a customer from Mexico that has put his trust on LYM since 2016 when they started to use their machines. This customer was using only machinery from Europe, after checking LYM machinery quality, they decided to operate with Taiwanese made equipment. After several meetings, the LYM team decided to visit customers to arrange final details and understand better customer production requirements.

Another example of LYM service, is a customer that wanted to repair a 20 years old machinery, they wanted to fix it and face some problems of spare parts that were out of production, while other machinery suppliers would think or suggest customer to buy a new machine, LYM did all their efforts after discussed with them and understand the customer’s situation and help them to find a suitable solution.  

Like the cases mentioned above there are dozens of loyal customers that every time that want to buy equipment for their production lines come back to find the high quality service and expertise of Lian You Machinery Team.
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Author:Lian You Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd
LIAN YOU MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., LTD., was founded in 1993 by Mr. Edmond Chang who is currently the CEO of the corporation. LYM is a qualified plastic bag making machine manufacturer that specializes in making plastic bag making machine for plastic industry. LYM is growing gradually every year and now it is one of the most advanced plastic bag making machine manufacturers in Taiwan. We have put great efforts on research and development, searching for new and better way to improve our machine. We are proud of our machine's quality. Our market is worldwide. Our customers are satisfied with the performance of our machines and after sales service. We never compromise when it comes to quality because "QUALITY IS OUR TOP COMMITMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS". No doubt, LYM is a leading manufacturer that you can rely on to the next milestone.
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