JANDI'S: JIT now available with full auto carton package line

JANDI'S JIT now available with full auto carton packaging line!

JANDI'S JIT not only streamlines the bag making process but also offers a high level of automation with the integration of blow film, printing, bag making, and die-cut recycling. Four units, ensuring a swift and precise T-shirt bag making operation.

Stay ahead in production with our state-of-the-art technology that optimizes output while minimizing operational costs.



Now, JANDI'S provides a new solution for T-shirt bag packaging. This innovative system ability to produce over 25,000 T-shirt bags per hour and auto packaged in carton box by requiring only three operators for starting up four machines in only one hour.

JANDI'S JIT combines streamlined operations with high output, making it an ideal choice for seeking optimal performance and management in T-shirt bag production.



JANDI’S has 30+ patents and new patents on bag loading & carton packaging lines are pending.

To see more about our cutting-edge technology, please visit our YouTube channel!

2024, meet us at the upcoming exhibitions : 
- ChinaPlas (Shanghai), April 23-26
- NPE (Orlando), May 06-10
- Saudi Plastic (Riyadh), May 06-09
- PlastPol (Kielce), May 21-24
- Taipei Plas (Taipei), September 24 - 28


Visit our YouTube channel to see more about our T-shirt bag making technology!


Modification, improvement, innovation, education and some action are required in the plastic industry. There are a lot of companies are working on bio-degradable and compostable material and producing their final products. And, many others are working on the collecting, recycling and Circular Economy. JANDI’S, as part of the plastic industry, also as the citizen of the world, we do care about the environment and sustainability.