High-accuracy Compact Auto-Cutting Production Line-APL-300

Classification : Hydraulic Die-Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
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●Servo Cutting Mechanism:
The Main Cutting Axle is controlled by Servomotor to achieve high-efficiency and high-accuracy effects.
●Auto Feed Mechanism:
It is controlled by High-level Servo to achieve faster feeding speed and more accurate alignment.
●On-line with Multi-axle Auto Bonding Machine:
It is communicating with RAL-400 High-accuracy Auto Bonding Machine for carrying out synchronized operation.
●On-line with Auto Slicer:
It is communicated with AC-300 Compact Slicer for carrying out slicing operation.
●Secondary Processing Correspondence:
It corresponds with the alignment cutting operation between two stations.
Various buffering material, light-shielding material, optical film and printing material, etc.
Model APL-300
Maximum Width 300mm
Cutting Efficiency 200SPM
Motor (HP) 220V 60Hz 3P
Air Pressure Requirement 0.5Mpa
Weight of Main Unit 3000kg

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