Rigid Film Flatten and Sheeting Machine-Series-FSC-G

Classification : Sealing and Cutting Machine-Sheeting Machine


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2359-0632
Fax: 886-4-2359-0710
Contact Person: Mr. Alan Ho
  • Unwinding Section
    • Lift-up type unwind stand with 3" air shaft. Single operator is required to manipulate and load the parent roll.
    • Equipped with magnetic powder brake for tension control.
    • The AC motor driven dancing roller unit for auto speed varied and assures that the most stable web feeding.
  • Flatten Section
    • Employs an automatic thermo-controlled heated oil circulation system; flatten films can be neatly flattened and smoothed.
    • The heating roll employs a hot kerosene circulation for energy and cost saving performance.
  • Sheeting Section
    • Numerically controlled stepping motor provides very accurate positioning and cutting, and reduces errors to a minimum.
    • The cutter is hydraulically controlled without further adjustment for cutting thick and thin materials.
    • Special alloy blade provides clean and long lasting cutting performance.
    • The cutter is specially guarded for maximum operator safety.
    • Equipped with static eliminator.
    • Products collecting board.
  • Control Section
    • Touch screen setting for cutting length, speed and related parameters.
    • Auto counting function.
    • Accumulative recording function.
    • Auto-stop function for photocell ineffective.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Twin shafts unwinder.
    • Hydraulic ascent / descent unwinder.
    • Web guiding system. (Line & edge)
    • Slitting device.
    • Edge trimming device.
    • Printing photocell (Sick Germany).
Specifications FSC-G1000 Rigid Film Flatten and Sheeting Machine
Unwind Diameter [mm] [max.] 600
Unwind Inner Diameter [mm] 76 / 3" (or on request)
Cutting Length [mm] 1-9999
Cutting Width [mm] 200-1000
Mechanical Speed [pcs/min.] 10-40