Vertical Single Shuttle Table Injection Machine

Classification : Vertical Injection Molding Machine


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-3-321-8768
Fax: 886-3-321-8769
Contact Person: Sheila Su
  • Vertical direct hydraulic clamping system is designed for accurate, safe operation, especially suitable for insert molding.
  • With double slide table or rotary design, put in, takeout products and molding finish at the same time, which is more safe and efficient for production , then reduce the cost of production.
  • High precision mold platen ( Parallelism / flatness : 0.02/100 mm), heavy duty tie bars, and low pressure mold clamping work together to greatly extend machine & mold life.
  • Nitride and NIP/ Nitroflon coated screws and barrels are long-lasting, robust and provide superior acid/alkaline resistance.
  • Heavy-duty double cylinder injection unit is maintenance friendly and free of oil leaks.
  • All series adapted Variable pump +PQ valves enable energy savings of 30~50%.
  • Proportional hydraulic control system provides low noise, low energy consumption, and smooth machine movements with durable life.
  • Low oil temperature, durable parts, high speed injection, and quiet operation.
  • Controller can record the production conditions such as temperature, pressure, flow, position available on the panel, reducing adjust of machine.
  • All machine with compact , space-saving design, reduce the heavy burden of the floor of factory.