Center Seal Bag/ Three Side Seal Bag Making Machine - FK-FSC-350

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Product ID: FK-FSC-350

FK-FSC Bag Shape

FK-FSC Economical Type Center Seal Bag/ Three Side Seal Bag Making Machine is Suitable for production of light duty pouches,  its simplicity in design, easy to operate features make it the most economical machinery investment for making center-sealing bag, two side and three side seal bagsGusset bag production is also available as optional.

  • Main drive AC motor control system.
  • The feeding length is accurately controlled by servo motor incorporated with photocell sensor for greatly upgrading the production speed.
  • Horizontal unwind stand and 3"air shaft. Single operator is required to load the parent roll.
  • Equipped with 1 center sealing mold, 1 bottom sealing and 1 cooling mold.
  • Bottom sealer auto ascending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stopped. (Patent No.42360)
  • Skip seal function: the bag's length can reach to 9 times of feeding.
  • Equipped with auto temperature controllers provide the most accurate and fastest heating performance.
  • Newest cutter with easy adjustment and durable structure.
  • Micro computer control system
    • Auto counting.
    • Accumulative recording.
    • Auto-stop function for photocell ineffective.
  • Optional accessories 
    • Three side sealing bag making device
      •  With the use of optional folding by unwind stand gusseting device or a second add on unwind stand, three side seal bags can be easily produced, diversifying your production capabilities.
    • Pneumatic puncher
    • Statics eliminator
    • Conveyer
Specifications FK-FSC-350 Center Seal/ Three Side Seal Bag 
Bag Making Machine
Material Width [mm] 700
Material Diameter [mm] [max.] 450
Bag Length [mm] 50-400
Bag Width [mm] 30-350
Mechanical Speed [bags/min.] 30-130

Product ID: FK-FSC-350

FK-FSC Economical Type Center Seal Bag Making Machine is a specialized machine for producing center seal bag. Simplified design, easy to operate. This model is the most economical investment for center seal bag production.



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