Center Seal Bag/ Three Side Seal Bag Making Machine - FK-FSC-350

Classification : Bag Making Machine-Pouch Making Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2359-0632
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Contact Person: Mr. Alan Ho
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  • Main drive AC motor control system.
  • The feeding length is accurately controlled by servo motor incorporated with photocell sensor for greatly upgrading the production speed.
  • Horizontal unwind stand and 3"air shaft. Single operator is required to load the parent roll.
  • Equipped with 1 center sealing mold, 1 bottom sealing and 1 cooling mold.
  • Bottom sealer auto ascending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stopped. (Patent No.42360)
  • Skip seal function: the bag's length can reach to 9 times of feeding.
  • Equipped with auto temperature controllers provide the most accurate and fastest heating performance.
  • Newest cutter with easy adjustment and durable structure.
  • Micro computer control system
    • Auto counting.
    • Accumulative recording.
    • Auto-stop function for photocell ineffective.
  • Optional accessories 
    • Three side sealing bag making device
      •  With the use of optional folding by unwind stand gusseting device or a second add on unwind stand, three side seal bags can be easily produced, diversifying your production capabilities.
    • Pneumatic puncher
    • Statics eliminator
    • Conveyer
Specifications FK-FSC-350 Center Seal/ Three Side Seal Bag 
Bag Making Machine
Material Width [mm] 700
Material Diameter [mm] [max.] 450
Bag Length [mm] 50-400
Bag Width [mm] 30-350
Mechanical Speed [bags/min.] 30-130

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