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Blown Film Extrusion Machine is a process that extrudes the molten polymer through Blown Film Die Head to process the plastic film. If the bubble tube is unstable when it first comes out from the Die Head, it needs a support to maintain its stability to prevent it from transforming. Therefore, Stabilizer play important characters here to stabilize and reinforce the blown film bubble tube while blowing. As the cooling system runs well around the circumference of the bubble tube, the Stabilizer maintains the stability of the bubble tube over Die Head and Air Ring. It prevents the bubble tube from losing stability and offers higher quality of film which shows the importance of Stabilizer.
Stabilizer is the most economical one for Blown Film Extrusion Machine. Besides, the easy operation is one of its characteristics. Turning the handle and adjusting the web to fit the width of the bubble tube first, then fasten the small one handle to fix the shape of the bubble tube.
  • Ensure the stability of plastic film
  • Easy to operate