Sleeve Rewinding and Inspection Machine (Reversible) - FSP-250-2

Classification : PVC Shrink Label Making Machine
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Product ID: FSP-250-2

The FSP-250-2 is an ideal re-reeling machine for round roll material inspecting process such as printing, surface or the seaming quality of shrink sleeves. 2 motors driven system and memorized reverse function allowed the winding direction changed during operation.


  • Sleeves Seaming Quality Checking Device
    Which can fill the sleeve with air and examine the middle seaming of sleeve continuously. Incorporated with a detecting sensor, the machine will stop and reverse automatically if there is a leakage of shrink sleeve.
  • On-Line Web Width Measuring System
    Adopted with a high resolution CCD Camera for measuring the width of various films, reels and shrink sleeves such as PVC, PET, OPS, SBC. The qualified width can be set and the system will display the width variation all the time. The accuracy can reach to 0.1mm; all the defect position will be memorized. The operator can handle the defects after whole checking process finished.


  • The roll diameter can reach to 700mm and 2 cantilevered expanding shafts for fast loading.
  • Equipped with web guiding system creates an extremely neat edge.
  • The winding direction can be changed in any time with forward / reverse jogging functions.
  • The winding tension is sensed by load cell and the control system will maintain the stable tension output during whole operation.
  • Equipped with observed board and fluorescent lamps for visual checking.
  • Sleeves Seaming Quality Checking Device.
  • 2 web flowcharts for printing or seaming defects inspecting.
  • Man-Machine Dialogue Control System: Touch screen, Auto tension control, Parameters memory, Length memorized & reverse function.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Stroboscope with mark sensor.
    • Vertical continuous perforation device
    • Rewind oscillation device
    • Sleeves seaming quality checking device
    • On-line web width measuring system
    • Dancing roller tension control system
    • Auto inspection system such as BST, AVT, E+L and so on is available add on FSP-2 Rewinding Machine.
Specifications FS-250-2 Inspection and Rewinding Machine
Web Width  (mm) 50 - 250
Inner Diameter (mm) 76 / 3" or on request
Winding Diameter (mm)(max.) 700
Mechanical Speed (m/min.) 0 - 250