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It is an era for making high frequency mold change with multiple patterns and small quantity. In order to save time for the mold change and ensure the safety of the operation, it is just in time to apply Quick Mold Change System.

  • Each hydraulic circuit has the function of check and avoiding oil leaking.
  • This system can add pressure automatically when the pressure reduction.
  • Each hydraulic circuit has the function of inspection pressure and can be interlocked with the machine.
  • It adopts the intersecting direction to clamp the mold.
  • There are several functions to avoid operation error.

Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit


Pump model:PB08 / PC12(22) No. of Pump No. of Control Circuit Non-leak Valve: V(STANDARD TYPE) / M (Big flow type)
  •  The hydraulic pump is driven by air. Once the outlet hydraulic pressure reaches the setting pressure, it will stop pumping which won't waste any energy. The pressure would be added automatically is the outlet pressure is reducing. It consists of the function to keep the pressure continuously..



Pa: Preumatic Pressure
















































Clamp Selection

Model Selection

Capacity of Clamp:2-25(tons)
  •  Empty:Standard type
  •  S: Slide moveable type
  •  N: With sensor type/DC10~30V (NPN, 3-Wire)
  •  V: Heat-resistant type
  •  C: Pneumatic cylinder movable type
  •  VR: Heat-resistant with cover type
  •  B: Fixed type


  •  Platen with T-slot
  •  Optional for position checking sensor



  •  Platen with T-slot and manual clamp with sensor.





  •  For Platen without T-slots and the sizes of mold are variable.

Suggested dimension of T-slot | Additional T-slots plated

  •  T: The thickness of additional T-slot platen (min.)



  •  For Platen without T-slot and the sizes of mold is unified.
  •  Suggest CB-S for movable platen.


  •  CG Clamp is charactered in mechanical locking system. The holder of clamp can be shrunk into the clamp when unclamping. It can avoid interference between the holder and mold template.
  •  It is only applied on Mold Changer System.

Model Selection


The capacity of clamp (4~50 ton) Thickness of template
( H±0.5mm )
The direction of piping and wiring connection:
L: on the left side (as below drawing)
R: on the right side
U: on the upper side
Sensor voltage:
3: DC10~30V (NPN, 3-Wire)
4: DC10~30V (PNP, 3-Wire)





Check Valve Clamp

  •  Better safety design clamp.
  •  Clamp with Build-in check valve, it can keeps the pressure itself.
  •  The clamp will not release, even if the hydraulic tube is damaged.
  •  Separate clamp body design, easy for maintain and exchange.
  •  Waterproof design for cylinder and piston.

Model Selection

Capacity of Clamp:2-25(tons)
  •  Empty:Standard type
  •  N: With sensor type/DC10~30V (NPN, 3-Wire)
  •  C: Pneumatic cylinder movable type





Control Operatio Panel

The Operating Function

  •  Machine will be stopped automatically incase of operational errors.
  •  Mold change for single side is functioned with two-way operation only for avoiding operational errors.
  •  It is equipped with key switch to prevent operational errors.
  •  During mold changing, it will check the following steps automatically: Injection unit backward, Ejector backward, Manual mode, and Mold close as signal requirement for unclamping. It can avoid operation errors and possible damages.
  •  When changing molds or malfunction, it will send signals to stop machine opening/closing the mold.
  •  When the system is not in use, it can be separated from the control of machine. It can prevent clamp from clamping without mold existence and ensure the life time of mold clamp.
  •  This system adopts inbuilt nono-voltage contacts to interlock with machines.
    Remark: Please offer the signal contacts when placing order.

Power Control Panel


This panel is applied to clamp CB-C type.
Distribution of panel:
  •  Air driven hydraulic pump unit.
  •  Air solenoid valve unit.


Air Driven Hydraulic Pump(PB)


Air Driven Hydraulic Pump(PC)


Non-leak Valve


Pump cover


FAQ about quick mold change system

1. What is quick mold change system?
The function of quick mold change system uses hydraulic clamps or magnetic plates to replace the screws to fix mold on the machine. Which can make mold-changing work more time-saving, labor-saving and safer jobs.

2. In which industries can the quick mold change system be used?
Quick mold change system can be used in any industry that needs to replace the mold, especially press machines, hydraulic presses, plastic injection molding machine, die casting machine and blow molding machine.

3. What are the advantages of the quick mold change system?
(1) Make mold-changing work more time-saving, labor-saving and safer.
(2) The general operator can operate without relying on the master to change the mold.
(3) Introduce automatic mold change system to enhance the company's image.
(4) Reduce machine standstill time and improve production efficiency.

(5) The clamping force on the mold is averaged to improve the yield of the finished product.

4. Are there any restrictions and precautions for using the quick mold change system?
Hydraulic system: The thickness of the mold back plate needs to be unified, and the machine is recommended to have T-slots.

Magnetic system: The maximum and minimum mold size needs to be regulated, and the mold back plate needs to be flat and not bended.

5. How does the quick mold change system ensure that the mold will not fall?
Hydraulic system: Each circuit has an independent non-leak valve (check valve) design. System will keep the pressure for at least 10 days or more without electricity and pneumatic, If external piping is no leakage.

Magnetic system: The system has magnetic flux detection, and the machine can operate only when there is no problem in the mold suction detection. Detection of dislocation and gap to ensure that the mold is free of misalignment and displacement during production. Standard mechanical safety hooks ensure that all molds have no doubts about slipping.

6. How much cost can be saved and how much production efficiency can be improved by using rapid die change system?
The following is the annual cost savings and increased output value of the Taiwan auto lamp manufacturer's introduction of quick mold change system:

Manual mold change:
30 (minutes/time) × 6 (times/day) = 180 (minutes/day)
Quick mold change:
10 (minutes/time) × 6 (times/day) = 60 (minutes/day)
Time saving:
2 (hours/day)
Cost savings:
2×$6 USD(basic wages per hour) = $12 (USD/day)
$12 × 24 (working days/month) × 12 (months) = $3,456 (USD/year)
Increase output value:
$40 (USD/hour) × 2 (hour/day) = $80 (USD/day)
$80 (USD/day) × 24 days × 12 (months) =$23,040(USD/year)
Investment benefit:
$3,456 + $23,040 = $26,496 (USD/year)

7. How long is the warranty for the quick die change system?

The warranty time of the quick die change system produced by SANDSUN is One year.

8. Can the quick mold change system be installed by itself?
It is basically installed by SANDSUN or SANDSUN authorized dealers. If you want to install it by yourself, please confirm with SANDSUN about the installation details.

9. What are the safety designs of the quick mold change system?
Hydraulic system: pump automatic pressure compensation, pressure switch detects oil pressure, and cross-clamping separate circuit Control, power-off clamping system, mold-releasing conditions are interlocked with the machine.

Magnetic system: magnetic flux detection, temperature detection, mold dislocation detection, gap detection, machine interlock control, mechanical safety hook.

10 .What company needs to use quick mold change system?
Factory with high frequency of mold change. Company wants to apply automated production.

11. How durable is quick mold change system?
If there is proper regular maintenance, it can be used for 10-20 years.

12. Does quick mold change system need maintenance?
Regular maintenance is required. It is mainly for regular replacement of hydraulic oil and replacement of seals.

13. How to choose quick mold change system?
Provide machine information to SANDSUN. SANDSUN will have person to help you.

14. Can the old machines use quick mold change system?
The old machine can also be applied quick mold change system; however, it is necessary to check the current status of the machine.

15. Can the old quick mold change system continue to be used on the newly purchased machine?
You can use the old quick mold change system on the new machine, but the T-slot specifications of the new machine and the original machining holes on the platen must be consistent.

Benefits of Quick Mold/Die Change System

Quickly respond to small and diverse production trends
In the recent years, the way of product’s demand has changed from traditional mass production into multiple and small quantity production. Many factory owners have to face the big environmental stress, such as delivery date shortened, production cost reduced, the quality of product improved, and so on. Hence, they try to find ways to solve and adapt the flexible production pattern. In order to greeting the era for making high frequency & mold / die change system with multiple patterns and small quantity, it is just in time to apply the Quick mold change system and Quick die change system with saving time for the mold / die change and ensuring the operation safety.

The best boost mechanism for injection and press machine
Quick mold change system and Quick die change system direct benefit is shorten time of die/ mold change、decrease time of production idle、increase capability of machine、adapt multiple and small quantity production and lower down the percentage of inventory; Also can be die/ mold and operation standardized、automation、achieve prompt production and sales、improve operation safety、company image and environment of factory. Let more young people have invest in this industry.

Therefore, It would be too slow If you haven’t use quick mold / die change system.

What are the safety protections of the Quick Mold Change System (Ⅰ)

When we talking about the Quick Mold Change System, everyone thinks of the advantages of time-saving, labor-saving, convenient..., etc. About the safety protection, we think that few people may notice this part. Now, let us instruction on the safety protections of the Quick Mold Change System.

First, let’s instruction on the hydraulic of safety protections:

● Each hydraulic circuit has the function of check and avoiding oil leaking:
When there is no air pressure or electricity and no oil leakage in the outer tubes. The system pressure can be keeps more than one week (Non-leak valve made by SANDSUN that can be hold the pressure more than 3 years)

● This system can add pressure automatically when the pressure reduction:
The hydraulic pump is driven by air. Once the hydraulic pressure reaches the pressure setting, it stops pumping which is energy saving. Meanwhile, if the working pressure reduces, the pump would supply pressure automatically to keep working pressure continuously.

● Each hydraulic circuit has the function of inspection pressure and can be interlocked with the machine:
Each hydraulic pressure has a pressure switch. When the pressure is lower than the setting of the pressure switch. The signal will be sent to the machine to stop the machine to prevent accidental occurrence.

● It adopts the intersecting direction to clamp the mold:
One of the circuit is abnormal of the hydraulic pressure, the diagonal die clamp will still clamped the mold, and then match the pressure switch, when the pressure is lower than the pressure switch setting. The signal will be sent to the machine to stop working.

● When the power is cut off, the die clamp will automatic clamping the mold:
This system adopts the design of automatic clamping the mold when the power is cut off. If the power cut off suddenly, the die clamp will is still clamping the mold and it does clamped the mold.

Installation of the quick mold change system on the 6500T largest injection machine in Australia

Hard case: Super large tonnage, all round modularization plastic injection machine
In order to meet the needs of the market and the demand of manufacturing automatic is increasing. We use our best to save time for the mold change and ensure the safety of the operation. Australia's largest and most respected dealers of machinery distributor had been cooperated with SANSUN several times. SANDSUN gets the chance to opportunity to participate this a major project with the Australia’s Company. In 2018, our customer purchased a Chen Hsong’s 6500T-the largest plastic injection machine. This 6500T plastic injection machine is using the advanced ultra-modular design to allow the user "mix-and-match" between the clamping and injection units according the needs. In order to meet the needs of the productions, our customer immediately thought that SANDSUN's quick mold change system can be perfect matched with the machine.

Past successful cooperation experience with quick mold change system wins the trust of customers
In the beginning, our customer questioned whether SANDSUN has the ability to complete this project. The main reason was they only used the quick mold change system for the max plastic injection machine only 2200T but this time is 6500T. However, our customer considered the experiences of using SANDSUN’s quick mold change system really improved machine productivity and product quality. Therefore, our customer trusts SANDSUN and decides to let SANDSUN to perform this project. During the process, SANDSUN always discussed and checked the details of the drawing carefully and constantly with our customer until the end. After that SANDSUN’s engineers flight to Australia for installation and training to make sure our customers could be more relief in use.

Continue to improve the quick mold change for injection machine
Thanks for our customer from Australia trusts SANDSUN’s professional. Although the benefit of investment in quick mold change cannot be seen immediately, the effect would be obvious after a period of time. As the mold change system not only saving mold change time but also improving production, reducing labors costs and work more safety. All of the goods would be over the cost of the investment.

Multiple safety mechanism design of Sandsun customized quick mold change system

It is an era for making high frequency mold change with multiple patterns and small quantity. In order to save time for the mold change and ensure the safety of the operation and save more production costs, it is just in time to apply Quick Mold Change System(QMCS).

Significantly improve the safety of Quick mold Change System(QMCS)
When customer using Quick Mold Change System, some customers worry about the hydraulic clamp will damage from the hydraulic tube, which will cause the hydraulic pressure to drop, and the clamp will not have enough pressure to clamp, causing the clamp to slip. The hydraulic pump unit has pressure switch in each circuit to detect it. When the pressure is lower than the safety pressure setting, the machine will be notified to stop immediately to ensure that the machine will not continue to produce, causing mold damage or operator injury.

Avoid mold damage and save production costs
In order to avoid customers’ doubts, SANDSUN also designed a safer hydraulic clamp-Check Valve Clamp. This clamp with build-in check valve, it can keep the pressure itself. Even if the hydraulic tube is damaged, the clamp will not release. There is no need to worry about the mold damage if there is a problem with the hydraulic tube during production.

SANDSUN has always provided customized products in response to the needs of customers so that they can use products that are more suitable for them. Also thanks customers for affirming SANDSUN’s product quality and services.

Sandsun's die clamping system realizes that adaptive quick die change fixture design closer to customers

In recent years, in response to customized products, a small number of diverse high-frequency mold-changing production types have made SANDSUN also work harder to meet customer needs.

More adaptable, CBL type quick die change fixture
Often when customers want to introduce and use Quick Mold Change System, in addition to the actual situation of the machine, it is also related to the part of the mold. Generally, when Quick Mold Change System is used, and the thickness of the mold base plate needs to be standardized (unified thickness), and the range is about +-2mm only. This will be an important part of customer concern. However, SANDSUN introduced CBL-type die clamping system to meet different customer needs.

Save more cost, no need to modify the mold bottom plate
CBL type die clamping system can be adapted to the requirements of 0~-10mm mold thickness plate. (For example, if the CBL type die clamp produced with H size 40mm, the mold base thickness range that can be used from 30~40mm. If the customer’s original mold base thickness isn’t have too much difference, customer can directly use the CBL type die clamp, that is, you can use the quick mold change system immediately without modifying any mold bottom plate.

Die clamping system closer to customer needs
SANDSUN has always provided customized products in response to the needs of customers, so that customers can more easily choose products that suit them, and thank customers for affirming SANDSUN's product quality and service.

Easier maintenance-Quick Disconnect Sensor

In this era of a small amount for diversified production, where can we create more production time?

In November 2019, we cooperated with customer “Goodman” in the United States to introduce a quick mold change system (QMCS). The customer used SANDSUN QDC to instead of the traditional manual screw to fix the molds.

Customer chosen the CA-N type (clamp with sensor) for their all production in this project. There have about 20 press machines have been installed, and it is expected to be fully used in 50 press machines in the customer's factory.

Our quick mold change system is currently in normal use, but at the same time, the customer still considers the issue of service and maintenance afterwards.

In response to customer needs, the problems caused by the mold colliding with the sensor are not avoided, and it takes a lot of time to replace the sensor and all the circuits and coupled with the limited maintenance personnel in the customer's factory. This problem may cause delay and occupy a lot of the production time, it is necessary to change the sensor to quick disconnect type together with the R & D so that the customer can save more time.

SANDSUN has always provided customized services and strives to meet customer needs. Not only in the improvement of our own products, but also to assist customer’s to consider the maintenance and sales services.

Customers also affirm that we help provide better choices, so that they can save more time later, thereby improving production efficiency.

Normal Type Sensor

Quick Disconnect Type Sensor


How to complete the mold change easily and without a overhead crane?

It turns out that you can also use the mold cart and quick mold change system to change the mold when the factory does not have a overhead crane!

In June 2018, Moldex3D, a well-known mold flow analysis software company in Taiwan, purchased a mold change cart and quick mold change system from SANDSUN to solve the problem which is no overhead crane to change molds due to site factors. Due to use SANDSUN’s system, Not only It saves more time and improves production efficiency, but also improves the safety of personnel changing molds, comparing to traditional mold-changing methods.

Moldex3D is a well-known Taiwanese mold flow analysis software expert. When the injection machine was first purchased, the mold-changing method was not considered. When the machine arrived at the show room, it was realized that the mold could not be changed smoothly. Fortunately, it found SANDSUN, who can provide better and easier solution to its limitation of show room.

In this cooperation, Moldex3D engineer Tim also shared with us: In addition to solving the problem that we can't change the mold properly without a overhead crane, the “side-to-side” mold change method also makes it easier and faster for us to change the mold. It makes our job much easier and safer.

Because our staff is not a professional operator of plastic injection products and there is no professional mold change worker, we are very new to mold change operations. According to experience, general mold change operations take at least 30-60 minutes. Since we use SANDSUN’s mold change cart and quick mold change system, it only takes 10 minutes to complete the mold change, and the efficiency is increased by 50-80%. Even non-professional mold change people can easily complete the mold change work. With SANDSUN mold cart and quick mold change system, there is no need to worry about mold-changing problems in the future. In the future, new molds will also develop standard back plate to use the mold change carts and quick mold change system. To prepare for automatic mold change earlier.

This case successfully helped the customer to solve the problem of mold change and injection molding tool carts , and also made the customer affirm SANDSUN’s professionalism. SANDSUN always supports customers to solve problems and improve production efficiency, and assists customers to move towards the trend of Industry 4.0.