Precision Hydraulic Automatic Die-cutting Machine/4 columns Type SC-550

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  • Advanced & durable hydraulic circuit and steady electronic control system circuits adopted in the hydraulic system enable to achieve high operating performance.
  • 4 steel posts design instead of guide-ways for punching movement and equipping linear guide-way for the front & rear feeders.
  • The unit performs precisely, stably, quietly, nimble and powerful. lt's convenient even for the use at the upstairs of a factory.
  • Cutting depth can be precisely set up to a tolerance of 0.008 mm.
  • Through the use of the longwearing special designed steel plate to replace conventional cutting board, can prolong lift of cutter and obtain better cutting quality and efficiency
  • Processed item may be full or half cut-off. ltems with adhesive may be used as well Products are free from rough edges.
  • The machine is equipped with a protecting device to ensure safety of people and the machine.
  • Automatic cooling system and full-auto cutting device are available for additionally purchase and fitting.
  • Designed in high-precision construction, this machine can be used to perform full-cut and half-cut fabrication tasks.
  • Up/down punching travel uses four high-rigidity guide poles, with linear rail designed for the feeding mechanism.
  • Two-step pressure control to achieve flexible and lower noise operation. It is suitable for multi-level factory buildings.
  • Automatic cutter adjusting mechanism can perform automatic adjustment according to the desired setting, providing 0.01mm accuracy (0.001mm optional).
  • High-precision german steel plate is used to achieve higher durability and wear free operation.
  • This machine uses advanced and durable hydraulic system and electronic control circuits.
  • The machine is equipped with protection device to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine. (with CE optional)
Model SC-550 SC-550-1
Pressing 20-115mm 20-115mm
Horse Power 5 hp 7.5hp
Pressure 40 TONS 70 TONS
Dimensions of Machine L x W x H (mm) 1150*1850*1730mm 1250*2100*1730mm
Working Area L x W (mm) 550*650mm 700*900mm
Motor (HP) 3-phase AC220V/380V
Weight of Main Unit Approximately 2500kg Approximately 3000kg
G.W. (Apr.) Approximately 2800kg Approximately 3300kg
● LCD(liquid crystal display), EL panel, soft print circuit boarda, insulation spacers, self-adhesive labels, oil seals, membrane, thin films, PE foams, PVC, aluminum boadrs, polarizers, and high-precision trim presses for copper, aluminum and tin.
● Thin film transistors: a wide range of high performance optical films.
● Touch panels: optical adhesives, special adhesives, various printing film, ITO films, and sealants.
● Electronics: FPC, HDI, RFPC, fiberglass, printing material, insulation, EMI material.
● Conventional industries: Processing of foam plate, oil seal, sticker, or any material with a back adhesive.

● This machine can be used to perform full-cut & half-cut high-precision cutting tasks for any materials (excluding metals).