Precision Hydraulic Double-Sided Auto Feed Cutter CSS-806

Classification : Hydraulic Die-Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886-4-779-5268~9
Fax: +886-4-779-4870
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Both double-side and single-side operation, time and manpower saving, one machine for two purposes to give excellent effect of production.

Double-side pressure and touch-type electronic counter watch are separatively deviced, so different sizes of product can be adopted.

Super precision hydraulic circuit design, silent for performance, stable location for each action, to increase the service life of parts and tool mold deviced with cutting board rotary table, the consumption of cutting board can be reduced.

Body frame adopts high tension steel plate under stress relief process for long application without being deformed.
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Non-metal material such as EVA、Double-blister、Yoga mat、Children safety mat、 Leather、Stationery、Mouse pad、Hotel slippers、Slippers、Flip flops、Footwear、Thermoforming products、Vacuum forming products、Automobile carpet、Sponge scouring pad、Nylon、Canvas、Puzzle、....etc..

Model CSS-806-1 CSS-806-2 CSS-806-3
Dimensions of Machine L x W x H (mm) 1800*2670*2200mm 2090*3160*2212mm 2050*2870*2200mm
Working Area L x W (mm) 1400*740mm 1550*840mm 1700*840mm
Cutting force (TONS) 170 TONS 190 TONS 210 TONS
Motor (HP) 3-phase AC220V/380V 3-phase AC220V/380V 3-phase AC220V/380V
Weight of Main Unit Approximately 7800Kg Approximately 8200Kg Approximately 8600kg

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