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  • Mold platen steel: PDS-5 (P-5) high grade tool steel HRC 27°-32°.
  • Cavity, core & neck rings steel: Swedish ASSAB STAVAX - 420, high grade with hard treatment up to HRC 50°-54°.
  • Pass Card VG Series Valve Gate Hot Runner System.
  • Interchangeable parts for every cavity.
  • Machining tolerance standards 0.005mm-0.003mm.
  • 80% of mold parts interchangeable with injection mold machines.
  • Guaranteed preform wall thickness concentricity: ±0.075mm (L=100mm).
  • Optimized preform design ensures dynamic bottle blowing friendly.
  • Applications include: Aseptic, cold fill, hot fill, CSD, dry food and snacks jars.