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  • Overload Protector is equipped in Press machine to check hydraulic pressure of cylinder inside the slider.
  • If happen overload, the hydraulic pressure of cylinder will be released immediately within 3/1000 seconds.
  • When happen overload, in order to protect the press and die, the press will stop working immediately after receiving the signal from limit switch.
  • After happen overload, the air will drive hydraulic pump to supply normal working pressure immediately and the press can work normal.
  • It has pressure control valve inside of overload protector, which can adjust hydraulic pressure automatically and eliminate the impact of rising pressure (which cause by oil temperature rise) in pressing process.
  • May select different types of components and control units base on the different types and specifications of press machines.

Overload Protector FAQ

1. What is Overload Protector?
Overload protector is installed on press in order to check the overload hydraulic pressure of cylinder inside the slide. The hydraulic pressure of cylinder will be released immediately within 3/1000 seconds when overload occurs.

2. What is the function of the Overload Protector?
When happen overload, in order to protect the die and press, the press will stop working immediately after receiving the signal from limit switch.

3. When using the Overload Protector, what’s the matter need to pay attention to?
① Please check before use if wire and air piping connection is correct.
② When press is normally operated, air supply should not be turned off absolutely.
③ Please check the hydraulic oil in tank is enough.If lower than mid position of the oil level gauge, please add oil immediately.
④ The hydraulic oil should be changed every year.

4. What kind of hydraulic oil can be used?

Can be used ISO-VG-32 or R-32

5. Many customer ask if they use other brands of overload protector and would like to replace it with SANDSUN’s overload protector, is it applicable?
You have to provide more information such as the overload model and photos of the original brand for SANDSUN to choose the applicable model specifications.

6. How to select the Overload Protector model?

Suitable for capacity of press
Under 200T
06:Small type
08:Standard type
10:Large flow type
12:Standard type

7. The Capacity of press over 600T, how to select the overload protector?

It is recommended to choose VA20 model with larger releasing flow rate.

8. I don't know how to choose the overloaded protector model, what should I do?
You can provide specification and parameter of press, SANDSUN can be select appropriate product specifications for customers.

9. What is the difference between VA model and VS model of overload protector?
VA model overload uses『air pressure』to control the overload pressure setting. (Customers can easily adjust by themselves.)
VS model overload uses『Spring adjustment』to control the overload pressure setting. (Customers can’t easily adjust by themselves, SANDSUN will complete the pressure setting before shipment.)

10. What should I do if I use the VS model overload protector, but forget the previous pressure setting ?
Every product of SANDSUN will have a sticker with a serial number for tracking that can be check the pressure setting of the previous purchase.

Large Overload Protector – For Press over 1000T

In response to the design of large press machines. In 2018, Korea's largest press manufacturer proposed new product demand to SANDSUN – they needs overload protector that can be suitable for large press machine over 1000T.

The customer previously used other brand’s overload protector. After customer internal discussion, they still thinks that the product design of SANDSUN could be meet their requirements. Therefore, the customer requested that SANDSUN to extend the products suitable for larger presses on the basis of the existing overload device design. This customer has been working with SANDSUN for many years. They believe that SANDSUN can be offer the design and quality to meet their needs

After many times discussions, revisions and test. We finally produced an overload protection that satisfied the customer. After actual test of the customer, SANDSUN’s large overload protector is perfectly suitable for the use of press machines over than 1000T.

Customers believe that SANDSUN can provide good quality and least price. Not only reduce the production cost, but also maintain the quality required by customers. So that the customer’s press machine have more competitive in the market.