Multi-layer Automatic Feed Cutting Machine SC-310

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Double-Axle Synchronous Pressurizing Mechanism:

Performs the pressurization with double output axle to provide powerful and stabilized pressurizing capacity.

Automatic Feed Mechanism:

Uses servo control to carry out the setting according to the breadth and length of the material.

Alignment Mold System:

Performs concurrent cutting process after locking the material in place.

Parameter Storing System:

Performs module-based memory for the production figures to facilitate the parameter management.

Cutting Plate Turntable Mechanism:

Sets the offset length to achieve over 95% of plate utilization rate after cutting.

High-Efficiency Boosting Circuit:

Reduces over 30% of power consumption as compared to conventional circuit.

Model SC-310
Working Area L x W (mm) 340mmX1200mm
Cutting Efficiency 15 times/per min
Voltage 70 TONS
Air Pressure Requirement 0.5Mpa
Weight of Main Unit 3500kg