Mixing Color Injection Molding Machine 120BS to 300BS

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  • Several embedded injection processes on two barrels to inject two melts on different stages. Times or positions to create different layouts are found in molding parts. 
  • A special-designed flange on the barrel collects the materials from the two barrels and, for the injection processes, the color layout could be mixed, layered, or striped. 
  • The movement of the double injection cylinders is supported by linear guideways to achieve a perfect positional precision and to create no friction at the injection stage. 
  • The separated heating unit is ideal for controlling the temperature of the two barrels.

Model International Size Theoretical Injection Volume Clamping Force Space Between Tie Bars Mold Opening Stroke
120BS 1200H-236 145 120 395x395 380
150BS 1500H-344 204 150 425x425 430
200BS 2000H-497 270 200 470x470 480
250BS 2500H-776 398 250 515x515 525
300BS 3000H-976 530 300 555x555 570

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