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  •  Electro-permanent magnetic quick mold change system is perfectly for 50~4000 Tons injection molding machines.The latest magnetic structure and outstanding design of magnetic circuit achieves a 20% and more of the magnetic force than traditional magnetic temperate design
  •  Electro-permanent magnetic quick mold change system provides much greater improvement on mold change efficiency. It performs less than 3 minutes for mold changing of general injection molding machine. For large size machine, it will shorten the mold changing time from 2 hours down to 10 minutes.
  •  The system requires just single operator for mold changing job. Without any tool, operator can easily handle this system beyond the safety distance of the machine. The system can reduce labor cost and man power waste greatly. 8 special safety function designs can fully protect machine operation safety.

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Magnetic Clamping System FAQ

In the current environment, it is a good time to introduce magnetic clamping system, only need one operator. This reduces labor costs and labor consumption, and the mold change speed is faster than hydraulic clamping. The latest magnetic structure and outstanding design of magnetic circuit achieves a 20% and more of the magnetic force than traditional magnetic plate design. And SANDSUN magnetic clamping have 8 special safety function designs.

1. SANDSUN magnetic plate water resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance?
SANDSUN magnetic plate are designed with steel surface, anti-oil and IP67 waterproof

2. If suddenly power failure the mold will fall?
NO. The magnetic plate has the guarantee that the magnetic will not be lost when the power is turned off. Magnetic core will be changed after the magnetic is converted to the power. The power will not cause the magnetic plate to lose the magnetic

3. How does SANDSUN magnetic clamping system of mold change benefit? How to compare with hydraulic clamping system?
For example of 600T machine, hydraulic clamping time around 60~80 secs (Depending on the thickness of the mold plate and the length of the tubes).But magnetic clamping time around 5 secs. (After the conditions are met.)

4. What’s the difference between magnetic clamping and hydraulic clamping?
Magnetic clamping and hydraulic clamping have different advantages. The biggest advantage of magnetic clamping is that mold change time is reduced a lot. Of course, the requirements for the mold plate and the details of the machine are relatively higher.

5. What should we pay attention to when using hydraulic clamping and magnetic clamping?
Hydraulic clamping:
The thickness of the mold plate must be standardized. The thickness of standard clamping tolerance is ±2㎜, not only water tubes needs to pay attention to whether there is interference, but also the size of the concave type of mold and T-slot’s depth is sufficient. The die clamp clamping needs some time for the pump to operate.

Magnetic clamping:

There is a MIN mold range and the mold back plate cavity area does not exceed 20%. The clamping force of magnetic system will increase because contact area increase. Therefore, there will be limits on the width and height of the mold plate to ensure that the magnetic clamping force is enough. However, the magnetized and demagnetized time only needs 3~6 secs to complete the magnetization and start production. The range of the MIN mold and mold information is also related to the products produced by the machine, it will affect the planning range of the MIN mold.

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Hydraulic Clamping System V.S. Magnetic Clamping System

In recent years, more and more people have been discussing Magnetic Clamping System. It is believed that the Magnetic Clamping System will replace the hydraulic clamp system in the future. SANDSUN is selling these two products. Here we will focus on the following to compare with an objective point, so that everyone can more understand the quick mold change system:

1. Price:
The hydraulic system has a great advantage. If the Magnetic Clamping System is used in large machine, the magnetic force is large and the relative magnetic core are also more. Therefore, the price is much more than hydraulic system, but if the machine is smaller (such as injection machine under 100T), the price difference between hydraulic system and magnetic clamping system is not too much.

2. Working Temperature:
The hydraulic system is use for resistant to temperature of 80°C, and high temperature resistant of die clamp can also be selected which can withstand temperature to 160°C. There are three model of temperature resistance options for the Magnetic Clamping System: 120℃, 150℃ and 180℃. No matter the working temperature of hydraulic system or magnetic clamp system that you can choice high temperature resistance. If the working temperature over 180℃ will not suitable for quick mold change system.

3. Mold specifications:
The thickness of platen needs to be standardized and there are some restrictions if there is a concave type of mold. Although the magnetic clamping system doesn’t need to standardized of thickness of platen, it is necessary to specify the maximum and minimum mold size to be used by this machine when planning. Also need to be paid attention to the flatness of the mold.

4. Applicable of machine:
The hydraulic system can be applied to injection machines, press, hydraulic press and die casting machine. The magnetic clamp system can be applied to injection machine, press and hydraulic, and die casting machine are less suitable for use due to the production environment and mold factors.

5. Machine specification:
It is recommended to use a hydraulic system with a T-slot on the platform of the machine, which is more convenient and unlimited in use; and the hydraulic system can be used without change the original specification of the machine. When you use magnetic clamp system even no T-slot on the platen, it can be used as long as there are screw holes. But the nozzle and ejector rod must be lengthened, and the mold opening stroke will be reduced around 70 -92㎜. It’s the limit of using magnetic clamping system.

6. Maintenance:
The hydraulic system is more convenient in maintenance and can be replaced with spare parts, which does not affect the production. If the magnetic clamping system needs to be repaired, it is more inconvenient for our service engineers to repair it on site. But the probability of failure of the magnetic clamping system is lower than that of the hydraulic system.

7. Troubleshooting:
When the hydraulic system fails, the customer can change back to the traditional screw to lock the mold without affecting production. Conversely, if the magnetic system is damaged or malfunctioning, the magnetic plate must be removed before the traditional screw can be used.

8. Clamping time:
The clamping time of the hydraulic system is about 60 seconds. The magnetic clamping system only needs 0.5-3 seconds to adsorb the mold.

9. Clean room applications:
Hydraulic system is not suitable for clean rooms because it will cause oil. The magnetic clamping system will not have oil and dust, which can meet the needs of clean rooms.

10. Convenience of operational:
When you using the manual die clamp system, you need to go to the back of the machine to push in or pull out, which is more inconvenient to use. But magnetic system only need standing in front of the machines as long as operate a button, then the mold cab be adsorbed completed.

11. Installation time:
As the hydraulic system needs to be installed with steel pipes and wires, so that spend a lot of time for installation. When you install magnetic clamping system, you only need to install wires then installation time will be shorter.

Compare Items Quick Mold/Die Change System Magnetic Clamping System
Price Lower Higher
Working Temperature
High temperature resistance:160℃
Mold Specification The thickness of platen (H)needs to be standardized The thickness of platen (H)“NO needs" to be standardized
Concave type of mold need to be matched with concave type of die clamp Unlimited of concave type of mold
Mold size can be used as long as it is on the T-slot The size of the mold must be specified in advance, and all molds within the range can be used
Unrestricted flatness of mold back base The flatness of the mold back base needs to be standardized
Applicable Of Machine
Injection Molding Machine: Available
Press/Hydraulic Press: Available
Die Casting Machine: Available
Injection Molding Machine: Available
Press/Hydraulic Press: Available
Die Casting Machine: Unavailable
Machine Specification The platen needs to have a T-slot to place the hydraulic clamp It can be used on platen without T-slots
Keeps the original mold opening stroke
Under 200T: 70mm reduction in stroke
Over 250T: 92mm reduction in stroke
Keeps the original nozzle specification Lengthen of the nozzle
Keeps the original ejector specifications of machine The ejector of the injection machine needs to be lengthened
Maintenance Easier: It can be replaced with spare parts, and the repaired parts are sent back to SANDSUN for repair Difficulty: Must be repaired on site
Troubleshooting Easier: Customer can change back to the traditional screw to lock the mold Difficulty: Need to removed the magnetic plate before the traditional screw can be used.
Clamping Time 30-60 seconds 0.5-3 seconds
Clean Room Applications Unavailable: There will be oil in the hydraulic system Available: No dust
Convenience Of Operational Acceptable: When using the die clamp system, you need to go to the back of the machine to push in/pull out the die clamp Easier: Only need standing in front of the machines as long as operate a button
Installation Time Longer: Needs to installed with steel pipes and wires Shorter: Only need install wires and setting signal contact

Quickly and easily change molds without locking plate screws

The fact proved that the mold can be changed quickly and easily without using the lock plate screw.

In September 2019, Taiwan satellite TV / cable TV manufacturer (JEBxxx) purchased a magnetic clamping plate from SANDSUN to improve the mold and line changing problem. Our Magnetic clamping system also improves the safety of personnel changing molds due to the introduction of this system, and saves more time and improves production efficiency when changing molds than traditional methods.

JEBxxx, in order to improve the mold and line changing time when purchasing injection machines, asked whether there is such a product in the TOYO injection machine business. Fortunately, I found SANDSUN through the introduction of the TOYO injection molding machine business, but also because SANDSUN provides products that can quickly and easily replace the mold without the screw of the clamping plate: The magnetic clamping plate makes it easy and happy to change the mold and line.

Generally, injection factory feels like the lights are dim and the ground is dirty. However, the electronics factory needs a clean environment to not contaminate the product, and it takes a lot of time to change the mold. The oil pressure type of quick mold change system, customers are also worried about oil leakage. SANDSUN’s  magnetic clamping system, In addition to the fast mold change time which only takes one minute to complete the mold change (magnetization and demagnetization time is about 0.5 ~ 3 seconds), there are 8 special safety function designs, IP67 levels of waterproof and dustproof, and product insurance.

The magnetic quick mold changing system improves the mold changing efficiency by at least 50%. Even non-professional mold change masters can easily complete the mold change work. In addition to improving our mold change and product line time, it also makes us simpler and faster. The replacement of the mold makes work easier and safer, and also maintains the on-site environment. In the future, you don't need to worry about mold changing and test mold problems.

This case successfully helped the customer to improve the mold changing problem. Also thank our customers certainly SANDSUN professional.