Long Sheet Cutter (Conveyor Type) With Two Side Trimming Device, Platform And Winding Device

Classification : Horizontal Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
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This machine is consisted of a steel solid welded construction. Cutting frame is with 2 knife pullys with strong cast steel knife guide.Cutting unit's rising and descending function is transmitted via spindles in round column. While cutting the cutting unit remine still and the foam block is placed on the movable table. The moving table is made by steel tube welding, and reinforced by angle steel. Top ply is covered by waterproof plywood and of table surface is with abrasive cloth. Table driven by variable speed motor and advanced by steel wire and slides on the steel rail is made by casting plastic wheel. The table driven motor also equips with powerful multi-steps brake unit. Behind the cutting unit, there is one high power sealing and winding-up unit to join every splitting sheet to become a roll. Winding up speed can be synchronized with cutting speed.


1. Increase the cutting length to : 40m, 50m, 60m.
2. Increase the cutting width to : 2489 mm.

Cutting Width

2160 mm

Cutting Height

1200 mm

Cutting Length

30 m ( standard )

Cutting Thickness

2 mm - 40 mm ( in step of 1/10mm)

Cutting Speed

Approx. 40m/min

Grinding Stone

Dia. 100 m/m cup

Cutting Blade

50 mm

Knife Pully

Dia. 500 m/m

Knife Guide

225 mm

Power Require

Approx 21 kW

Floor Space

Approx. L 6200 x W 4680 x H 320 cm