Classification : JH Series
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Liu
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●Supply All Electric type and Hybrid type Blow Molding Machine.
●Much lower noise.
●Reduced the cost of maintenance and time.
●High stable quality of production.
●Save more then 72% energy. (to run 24 hours)
Screw diameter 螺桿直徑/ 
Extrusion capacity 押出量
Cavities 模頭數/ 
Center distance 中心距
Clamping force 鎖模力(ton) Clamping Stroke 開關模距(mm) Mold domension 容模尺寸(mm)
JHD-370 75mm/100kg, 80mm/120kg 1, 2/160mm, 3/110mm, 4/85mm 7 410 - 140 W405 x H330
JHD-490 80mm/120kg, 90mm/180kg 1, 2/200mm, 3/125mm, 4/100mm 12 410 - 140 W450 x H420
JHD-640 90mm/180kg, 100mm/250kg 1, 2/200mm, 3/160mm, 4/125mm, 6/85mm 20 640 - 220 W550 x H420
JHD-800 100mm/250kg, 120mm/360kg 2/350mm, 3/230mm, 4/175mm, 6/115mm, 8/85mm 24 560 - 300 W760 x H500
JHD-1000 100mm/250kg, 120mm/360kg 3/270mm, 4/205mm, 6/135mm, 8/100mm 32 560 - 300 W890 x H500