2RT Mold-Open Tire Bladder Rubber Injection Molding Machine IRH-S2

Classification : Injection Molding Machine
Country: Taiwan
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  • Mold opening design

    The 2RT surpasses the traditional top opening mold that can be used for the double or triple molds with the design of the opening mold and pushing out the mold in the between. The opening mold can be adjusted by the software with separate opening, separate pushing out the mold in between, continuous opening and continuous pushing out the mold in between.

  • Material supply system

    A special design of two-stage material supply is adopted. It expels bubbles out of the raw material in the most effective way and there is no dead material.

  • Injection volume control

    A design incorporating a high precision optical ruler, made in Germany, is adopted. The injection volume can be calculated and controlled precisely.

  • Design of rotary injection board

    Special designs for loading/unloading functions are provided. It causes no dead material in the injection nozzle. It is easy to clean the material. It is durable and the quality is stable.

  • Safety design

    A high-tech infrared safety electronic eye, made in Japan, is available. An automatic warning system is available. To monitors the status of the machine in order to provide extra protection to ensure the operation safety for operators.

  • Oil system design

    Dual powers and individual oil system are adopted. Each oil system is designed respectively. It is steady, quiet and low frequency of malfunctions. Two shafts can be operated simultaneously.

Diameter of piston (mm)





Clamping force (ton)

800 1000 1200 1500
Stroke (mm)

700 700 900 1000
Daylight (mm) 1200 1200 1400 1700
Heating platen (mm)









Horse (hp)

30 30 40 40
Injection volume(c.c.)

8000 12000 18000 24000