Horizontal Mixer (U-Type Single Ribbon) CL-D

Classification : MIXER & BLENDER SERIES
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2639-4784
Fax: 886-4-2639-3989
Contact Person: Alex Liao/Catherine Chang
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Single ribbon or double ribbon mixing blade to be designated by the customer; the double ribbon mixing blade can blend the material more evenly.
Model Tank Capacity Main Power Machine Size Machine Weight
CL-D100 35~70L 5HP‧4P 1800x650x1250mm 400kg
CL-D200 70~140L 5HP‧4P 2040x850x1450mm 750kg
CL-D400 150~300L 7.5HP‧4P 2200x900x1500mm 900kg
CL-D600 200~400L 10HP‧4P 2430x950x1650mm 1100kg
CL-D1000 350~700L 15HP‧4P 2600x1016x1650mm 1300kg
CL-D1500 500~1000L 20HP‧4P 2850x1100x1830mm 1700kg
CL-D2000 700~1400L 25HP‧4P 3150x1150x1950mm 2100kg
CL-D3000 1000~2000L 30HP‧4P 3360x1250x2200mm 2800kg
CL-D4000 1400~2800L 40HP‧6P 4000x1450x2500mm 3650kg
CL-D5000 2000~3500L 50HP‧6P 4500x1550x2500mm 4500kg
CL-D6000 3000~4200L 60HP‧6P 5200x1700x2500mm 5350kg
CL-D8000 4000~5600L 75HP‧6P 5700x1880x2500mm 6250kg
CL-D10000 5000~7000L 100HP‧6P 5870x2150x2500mm 7150kg