Classification : MIXER & BLENDER SERIES
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2639-4784
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Contact Person: Alex Liao/Catherine Chang
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Vertical installation of motor & reducer saves space; Adopts fixed rev. Speed AC motor drive suitable for general material mixing. Two sides of mechanical seal adopts compressed air purge seal design. 
Model Tank Capacity Main Power Machine Size Machine Weight
CL-HV1000 1000L 20HP‧4P 2600x1020x1750mm 1500kg
CL-HV1500 1500L 20HP‧4P 2150x1200x2650mm 2850kg
CL-HV2500 2500L 30HP‧4P 2300x1450x3500mm 3250kg
CL-HV3500 3500L 40HP‧4P 2500x1550x3600mm 3500kg
CL-HV5000 5000L 60HP‧4P 4000x2500x2200mm 5500kg