High-accuracy Multi-Function Hydraulic Cutting Machine - CSS-603M

Classification : Hydraulic Die-Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
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    High Rigid Body Design:
  • The machine body has been machined for several finishing processes in creating low-profile variable high-rigid machine body.
    Sophisticated Feeding Mechanism:
  • Special feeding structure is designed in achieving faster feeding speed as well as higher accuracy and stability.
    Patented Bottom Dead-Point Mechanism:
  • Patented Bottom Dead-Point Mechanism exclusively developed by TRURAN is adopted to achieve +/-0.005 of accuracy reproducibility.
    Multi-function Machining Mechanism:
  • The feeding can be executed by working with the full-cut and semi-cut machining mechanism to achieve higher productivity.
- Medical science: Blood glucose test strips

- Conventional Industry: Processing of Foam, PE foam board, Oil seal, Name plate, Sticker, Thin films, Self-adhesive label, Back adhesive product and Thin-sheet metal of copper, aluminum, tin, etc.

- Electronics: EL, Mylar, FPC, Membrane switch, Fiber glass, Printed material, Cushioning material, Insulation material and EMI shielding material.

- Touch panel: Optical clear adhesive, Special adhesive, various Printed thin films, ITO film, and Sealant.

- TFT-LCD: A wide range of high performance optical thin films.
Dimensions of Machine
L x W x H (mm)
Working Area L x W (mm) 550X650mm
Bottom Dead-Point Accuracy +/-0.005mm
Cutting Efficiency 60times/min(standard model)
120times/min(high-speed model)
Cutting force(TONS) 80 TONS
Motor (HP) 220V 50Hz 3P
Air Pressure Requirement 0.5MPa
Weight of Main Unit 3500kg