Classification : Slitting Machine Slitter Rewinder
Country: Taiwan
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Product ID: FSH

  • For Side Sealing Slitter Operations: Suitable for producing various film rolls for extruded materials, such as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, CPP, and etc.. Product thickness range from 0.006 to 0.1 mm. Production speed 20-40 meters per minute in 2-6 lines (Slit width over 40mm).

  • For Regular Slitter Rewinder Operations: Suitable for slitting various materials, such as, cellophane, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC film rolls and printed films.

  • Unwinding Section
    • The cantilever (swing out) unwind shafts can be easily handled by a single operator.
    • Equipped with web adjustment roller. It can reduce the winkle that cause by the low parent roll quality.
  • Slitter Section
    • Duo cutting system: razor cutting in the air for regular films and heating knives for sealable films.
    • The side sealing slitter mechanism employs exclusive electrical resistor knives (heating knives). Once power is on, the knives are instantly heated to the normal working temperature for immediate operation.
    • Heating cutter auto ascending mechanism.
    • Statics eliminator equipped.
    • Equipped with trim reject fan which can blow the trim out directly.
  • Rewinder Section
    • Swing out type rewinding shaft for easy operation.
    • The rewinding mechanism is designed incorporating HCI friction quick lock rings to overcome the problems of material thickness variation.
    • Rewinding Lay-on roller *4 sets.
    • Length can be easily preset during operation. When the pre-set length is reached, the machine stops automatically.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Triangular folding unwind stand.
    • Web guiding system (printing line & edge).
    • Unwind tension auto controller with load cell sensor.
    • Magnetic powder clutch for rewind tension control.
    • Air shafts winding mechanism.
    • Upper & lower rewind shaft opposite winding mechanism.
    • Vacuum type trim disposal system.
Specifications FSH-1500 Side Sealing Slitter Rewinder
Mechanical Speed (m/min) 0-100
Unwind Stand Shafted & Floating Type
Unwind Core Inner Diameter (mm) 76 / 3"
Unwind Web Width (mm) 400 - 1,500
Maximum Unwind Diameter (mm) 600
Unwind Tension Control Magnetic Powder Brake
Slitting Techniques Razor / Heating Knife
Trim Removal Trim Blower
Rewind Core Inner Diameter (mm) 76 / 3"
Minimum Rewind Web Width (mm) 100
Maximum Rewind Diameter (mm) 450
Rewind Tension Control HCI Friction Quick Lock Rings