Heavy Duty Profile Cutting Machine With Winding Unit

Classification : Profile Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-23956686
Fax: 886-2-23217266
Contact Person: Ken Hwang
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Cutting Width 2160 mm
Cutting Thickness 38 mm - 200 mm, adjust by 1/3hp motor
Cutting Speed Adjustable Approx. 0-15m / Min
Blade Knife Width 90 Mm
Blade Guide Width 224 Mm
Profile Roller Dia. 230 Mm ( Made By Aluminum)
Two Motorize Grinding Unit Dia. 255 Mm
Knife Wheel Dia. 800mm
Power Require Total 10.2 Kw
Power Supply 3 Phases 220v 60 Cycles
Floor Space Approx. L 6200 X W 2400 X H 2100 Mm
The foam sheet is fed through the profile roller into the bandknife, after compressed by the profiled roller the foam sheet will be cut into two sheets, one side with the compressed profile pattern. The cutting thickness of the sheets can be adjusted from monitor. The machine consists of solid & strong construction: two large knife driven wheel and two thick & precise blade guide that matches the knife auto feeding unit. As the knife if worn out, the knife auto feeding unit is able to push the knife in automatically and fix the knife edge at the same position. Two sets of grinding stone units, which grinds the knife to keep it sharp, are specially designed: as the knife stops cutting, the grinding stones retract automatically to protect the knife edge from wearing out. With quick roller change, this model can easily change the profile roller by optional flat roller, and become a horizontal splitting machine.