Heavy Duty Horizontal Loop Splitting Machine

Classification : Horizontal Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-23956686
Fax: 886-2-23217266
Contact Person: Ken Hwang
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Cutting Length 21500 mm - 22800 mm
Cutting Width 1600 mm
Cutting Height 250 mm
Cutting Speed 4 mm - 50 m / min
Cutting thickness min.1mm
Grinding wheel size 255 mm x 30 mm x 101.6 mm
Cutting blade width 60 mm
Machine floor space L 11667 mm x W 4260 mm x H 2312 mm
Power require Approx. 25 kw
Control box size L 2000 mm x W 800 mm x H 1800 mm
The machine is consisting of cutting unit, conveyor system, winding up system and control system. Cutting frame is made of strong cast steel and equipped with large knife pulley and thick solid precision knife guide. Two set of large grinding motor, diamond grinding stone and dust exhausting device are included. The auto system can withdraw the grinding stones when the blade stops so to protect the blade. The up & down knife frame controlled by high precision ball screw rod and servo motor. The cutting frame angle can be adjusted and display digitally on the screen in order to deal with any kind of cutting material and cutting thickness. The conveyor system is consisting of high tension PVC belt to carry the foam block. Auto tension controls the belt tension. There are pinhole all over the belt surface to work with below vacuum system to prevent the foam block slip away while cutting. The control system and control panel can be easily operated on the panel. Servo winding unit can wind up the cut sheet synchronizlly.