Granule Cutting Machine

Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-26627809
Fax: 886-4-26627590
Contact Person: Ted Kao
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Model KEM-100 KEM-120 KEM-130 KEM-150
Screw Dia. (L/D 30) (L/D 32) (L/D 32) (L/D 32)
Motor (3 Phase A.C.) 50HP 30HP 60HP 75HP
Automotic Therom-Controller 6 SETS 7 SETS 7 SETS 7 SETS
Heater 24KW 30KW 30KW 50KW
Speed Range 2 2 2 2
Force-Feed Motor 5HP V.S 5HP V.S 5HP V.S 5HP V.S
Hydraulic Motor 3HP 3HP 3HP 3HP
Capacity (per hour) 120-200KG 150-230KG 150-300KG 280-400KG
Machine Screw Dia. (L/D 8) (L/D 8) (L/D 8) (L/D 8)
Machine Motor 15HP V.S. 20HP V.S. 20HP V.S. 25HP V.S.
Heater 8KW 10KW 10KW 15KW
Cooling Tank 3M 3M 3M 3M
Wet Absorbing Machine 2HP - - - -
Motor of Granule Machine 3HP 5HP 5HP 7.5HP
5HP Blower - - - -
1000L Storage Tank - - - -
Operating Range 5M x 12M 5M x 13M 5M x 14M 5M x 12M
Weight of the Machine 3200KG 4600KG 4800KG 5200KG
Packing Measurement 
4M x 1.5M x 1.5M 4M x 1.5M x 1.5M 4M x 1.5M x 1.5M 5.5M x 2M