Circular Loom (Heavy Duty Fabrics)

Classification : FIBC Production Line


Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2599-6080
Fax: +886-2-2599-6098
Contact Person: Mr. C. L. Huang
Consistency with simplicity and flexibility, the looms are easy to operate and maintain, while producing high quality heavy duty fabrics suitable for FIBCs, Tarpaulins and other special textiles.
  • Application for FIBC, Tarpaulin, and various applications
  • Optional equipment of center slitting device, or both side slitting device
  • Ultrasonic slitting device available upon request
  • Warping roller system available upon request
  • Patented design with enhanced life time of spare parts
  • New circular rail design ensures stable shuttle movements
* depending on tape quality, fabric width and density
Model Number PH-6/150 PH-8/215H
Application FIBC, Tarpaulin FIBC, Tarpaulin
Shuttle/machine 6 pcs 8 pcs
Max. Shuttle Speed 90 rpm 75 rpm
Weft insertion up to 540 ppm 600 ppm
Working width, tubular 90 cm – 130 cm 180 cm – 210 cm
Weft bobbin diameter (max.) 100 mm 110 mm
No. of warp creel (bobbins) 1360 pcs 2600 pcs
Warp/weft core inside diameter Φ23 mm–Φ38 mm Φ23 mm–Φ38 mm
Warp/weft length of core 215 mm – 230 mm(L) 215 mm – 230 mm(L)
Winding roll diameter (max.) Φ1200mm Φ1200mm
Main motor with inverter 10 HP 15 HP

* depending on weaving construction, fabric, and quality of tapes