Auto Circular Horizontal Cutting Machine

Classification : Horizontal Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-23956686
Fax: 886-2-23217266
Contact Person: Ken Hwang
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Cutting Width 216 cm
Cutting Height 125 cm
Cutting Length 220 cm ( standard )
Stacking Height 125 cm
Cutting Thickness Min. 2 mm (depends on the type of material, in step of 1 / 10 mm)
Max. Cutting Speed Approx. 5 rpm
Motorize Grinding Unit With dia. 100 mm cup
Cutting Angle Adjustable 0 - 6 degrees
Cutting Pcs Counter 0 - 999 pcs
Table Size Inside Dia. 2 m, Outside Dia. 6.4 m (standard)
Power Require 12 kW
The cutting unit is fitted with a rotating circular table. The blocks are placed on the roatating table, when cutting the block into sheets it will remain stacked on the table, the whole block can be removed after cutting. The rotating speed of the table is adjustable. Maximum cutting speed: approximately 5 rpm. Clearance above/below the blade at 1300 mm.