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  • Unwinding Section
    • Lift-up type unwind stand incorporate with 3" air shaft makes the loading easier.
    • The unwind tension is sensed by load cell sensor and compared to set tension. The auto controller will increase or decrease tension according to the calculated differences automatically.
    • Equipped with pneumatic brake for unwind tension control.
    • Equipped with curve roller device and adjustable aluminum roller to facilitate material's parallel without wrinkling.
  • Embossing Section
    • The embossing system is hydraulically operated.
    • Micrometric adjustment allows for accurate adjustment of embossing gap to achieve consistent grain depth.
    • The aluminum embossing roller is hard chrome plated. The lower pressure roller is nylon pressurized steel roller, providing long service life and stable embossing machine motion, clear and excellent grain.
  • Rewinding Section
    • Single air shaft surface rewinding features consistent tension and maximum smoothness of roll. No product damage and high production efficiency.
    • Equipped with meter counter for machine auto stop when setting length reached.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Shaftless & hydraulic ascent/ descent unwind stand.
    • Web guiding system. (Edge)
    • Unwind tension auto controller.

Specifications FEM-1200 Aluminum Foil / Paper Embossing Machine
Unwind Diameter (mm) (max.) 1,000
Material Width (mm) 600 - 1,200
Paper Core Inner Diameter (mm) 76 / 3"
Rewinding Type Center rewinding with single shaft
Mechanical Speed (m/min.) 0 - 150