2RT Mold-Open None Runner-Waste Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Classification : Injection Molding Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Machine Normal injection Patent none runner-waste injection    
1 Runner waste and take time pull out every cycle. None runner waste.    
2 Spur bushing effect looks. Can be no spur bushing of products.    
3 Runner design needs to allow for waste cost , therefore , have to sacrificed consistency of quality. Can design the ideal runner as possible since none runner waste.    
4 Only for normal injection purpose. Can be used in both of normal injection and none runner-waste injection.    
Machine Compression with arranging materials Patent none runner-waste injection    
1 Needs manpower for cutting , weighting , and arranging materials. No need to cutting , weighting , arranging. Save a lots manpower.    
2 It takes long time for training greenborn . Also very easy to happen mistakes by manual operation. A Greenborn can be put in production right away. No chance to have mistake from manpower.    
3 A lot of flash. Only few flash.    
Summary Make a breakthrough from traditional production. Overthrow the concept of some products can not use injection production. Slash a lot cost of material, manpower. Raising quality and yield of output.    
Diameter of piston (mm) 700 800 900 960
Maximum clamping force (ton) 800 1000 1200 1500
Stroke(mm) 700 700 900 1000
Spacing(mm) 1200 1200 1400 1700
Hot plate table (mm) Up1000*1000 Up1100*1100 Up1200*1200 Up1500*1500
Dn1000*1000 Dn1100*1100 Dn1200*1200 Dn1500*1500
Horsepower (hp) 30 30 40 40
Injection volume (c.c.) 8000 12000 18000 24000
Injection pressure (kgf/cm²) 1800 1800 1900 1900