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Plastic Thermoforming Machine for Fruit Container Box - RMD 800from CHUDONG MACHINERY

  • European design, intelligent control, lightweight.
  • Convenient mold change, quick, suitable for smaller quantities and diverse production line manufacturing.
  • High rate of movement, low failure rate, reducing the costs associated with machine errors.
  • Innovative intelligent system, which gives the operator an easy to use interactive interface which reduces the opportunity for human error.
  • Remote obstacle monitoring and instantaneous data processing allow rapid problem correction.
  • High-precision cutting technology, allowing high-speed control, low machinery wear, and exceptional cutting performance.
  • Adjustable, automatic stacking technology, which remembers your last production needs.

Disposable Sushi box, egg tray, Various types of lids, Cooked food coverings, Strawberry box, Salad box, Plastic containers, Transparent salad containers, Fruit box, Vegetable box, Fresh fruit packaging, All types of food packaging, Takeout box, Instant noodle bowl, Lunch box, and so on