Customization & After-sale Service | GENIUS


Video Description

More and more countries request all plastic-made products to be fully recycled; therefore, plastic recycling machines have been important.

Mr. Peter Tsai, the general manager of Genius, explained the best seller “Single Stage Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine” as known as KRIEGER series in their product lines. This machine is capable of recycling HDPE drums and films with superior features, such as Italian-made heater, extruder-degassing vents, dual piston filters.

With excellent customer satisfaction and customization service, Genius awarded an order from a returning Japanese client again. According to the language and the use habits, the parts of the machine have been installed with many Japanese brands in order to lessen obstacles while Japanese employees operate the machine.

Moreover, Peter has expressed how Genius values customer satisfaction, customization service and after-sales service in the interview. Through this video, you will be showcased how Genius is running the testing of Single Cutter Compactor Machine before shipment.

【Brief Intro】
Genius Machinery specializes in the comprehensive plant planning of plastic recycling equipment. With over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing plastic recycling equipment.

【Video Outline】
00:00 - Introduction
00:31 - Machine Testing & Superior Features
02:10 - Conveyor Belt
02:19 - Compactor
02:50 - Extruder-degassing
03:19 - Dual Piston Filter
03:40 - Pelletizer
04:18 - Details of customized control panel
05:21 - Materials Process & Applications of Machine
06:27 - After-sale service for installation & maintenance
08:05 - Messages to customers