YEN-SHENG Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine & Air Bubble Film Machine & Honeycomb Board Machine MORE THAN YOU THINK

2021-02-02 Author : yensheng
YEN-SHENG is a machinery manufacturer. From the discussion with customers for the finished products and machinery design to actual machinery manufactured, we are very skilled to provide these services.

Providing the facility planning of the customer's factory, it can provide the most comprehensive machine configuration, allowing operators and materials to move smoothly, saving configuration space and personnel costs.
We have always used the above services to continue to serve our customers, help our customers, and solve their problems.

We have mechanical assembly capabilities and parts processing capabilities, can be matched with customer customized services, and cooperate with international suppliers to develop capabilities.
Sales performance exceeds 60 countries, the machine can adapt to various weather and environment, and enrich the trial experience. 
We have built a database with over 40 years of experience.
Our machines have the European CE certification and EMC certification, and we can develop customized machines.

Our Main Products:
  • Extrusion coating lamination machines
  • Air bubble film machines
  • Honeycomb board machines


YEN-SHENG provides laminating machines that can be widely used in many industries, including food packaging, building materials, thermal insulation materials, industrial packaging, environmentally-preserving materials, etc. As a result, we offer a wide range of different matching and application equipment in these areas.

According to different needs, providing automation design and saving electricity considerations, all concepts are based on humans, with operator safety, operator convenience, and operators to produce quality stable products.

The processing materials generally used in machines are BOPP film, BOPET film, aluminum foil, PE film, woven fabric, leno fabric, paper, foam, net and air bubble film.
We are very good at providing lamination of various materials, and using different processing methods, such as anchor coating, mayer rod coating, extrusion coating, thermal lamination, dry lamination, YEN-SHENG have plentiful experiences.

We can provide machine width up to 6000mm and extruder output up to 700kg/hr., also depend on different require can running machine up to 300mpm and up to triple lamination station. Co-extrusion application also available, we can adopt feed-block type or multi-manifold t-die for multi-layer coating lamination machines.
Providing the best production method for each product is our goal.


A three-dimensional material application, different forming molds produce different shapes of products, can be replaced with different plastics, can let three-dimensional materials become flexible or rigid, can be combined with different materials for in-line bonding into a multi-layer composite functional hollow material.

Width from 1000mm to 3000mm, weight from 30g/m2 to 3000g/m2, production speed up to 70m/min

We can provide low-volume models, general-purpose models, and high-speed production models according to different business models so that customers with different needs can find their own machines.

Plentiful cooperation experience, like forming a cylinder, t-die, auto dosing equipment, automatic rewind station.

The advantages of the machine:
  • Precision forming cylinder drilling hole size
  • Stability and flatness of t-die output
  • Machine synchronization control


We develop new type coating-lamination machine for leno fabric and onion bags, it equips multi-extruder for making label lamination, close flap lamination and extra strip lamination in one machine. The machine uses less space (8500mm length) and max. 160m/ min production speed, the operator can work higher efficient with this machine.

It is our mission to continue to work and non-stop production every day

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We provide the perfect engineering services and this is our responsibility and professional attitudes. Meanwhile, we upgrade ourselves continuously and integrate the leading-edge technologies with the products perfectly, which help the customers to differentiate themselves in a rapid market. We were established in 1969, has the technology to develop the plastic extrusion machine and is specialized in producing and manufacturing the Air Bubble Wrap Machine, Air Bubble Hollow Board Extrusion Line and Extrusion Lamination Machine. "YEN SHENG" uphold the mature technology, the extensive experiences, and the spirits to exceed the expectations of customers to solve the customers’ problems. We have the in-house ability to develop and manufacture the extrusion machinery, and to design the molding. We maintain the leading position of the technologies by innovation. In the past, we still adhere to the attitude of "More than you think" in the future, and we will adhere to the attitude of "More than you think", and we will adhere to the ”To create customer satisfaction and the company's eternal prosperity!”
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